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The old World of Darkness (and new Chronicles of Darkness) books often completely reinvented the mythical creatures you played as, and then smugly asserted that the folklore got it all wrong. So I was thinking, what if the folklore was the "secret truth" and the WoD/CoD versions were the folklore / pop culture understanding? What if ...

  • Werewolves show up in action movies as noble beasts who fight pollution on behalf of Gaia, but are actually monsters that humans turn into endangered animals who avoid humans whenever possible?

  • Kitsune are portrayed in dark urban fantasy as arrogant princelings, who serve their stern lord Inari and endanger the humans they romance. But She is actually a harmless rice goddess, and foxes who take human form place themselves in mortal danger by doing so, much like transgender humans?

  • Vampires are depicted in pop culture as rich bloodsucking seducers, who tempt mortals into a life of eternal debauchery. But what if they actually are exactly like that sparkle in sunlight?

Maybe not that last one ~

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The following is a revision of the rules and fluff for the Ceilicans, as presented in Changing Breeds, a Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th anniversary book. The W20 rewrite changed most of their yava to the weaknesses listed here, but still kept some obnoxious restrictions ... like having to change their identity once per year but not giving them any special ability to do so.

Ceilicans are one of the most well-known breeds of shapechangers, but much of what people (even other shapechangers) think they know about them is wrong.

Cats were often said to be the familiar spirits of people accused of witchcraft during the middle ages, and were put to death along with the "witches." Fera call the shapechanging cats of this time Ceilicans, and believe them to be descended from the Cait Sith, fey cats of legend. They are thought to have learned magic from the fey and from actual mages, and to be hiding in modern society using extremely powerful glamours. If you catch one, it's said, you can ask for a magical boon.

Most of that's true. But in truth, Ceilicans' magical powers aren't quite up to granting wishes, and many of their Gifts revolve around hiding from those who would try to exploit (or destroy) them.

After being hunted nearly to extinction, the "witch cats" have learned to hide their true nature in two ways.

First, they have access to a level one Gift which lets them appear to be of mixed racial or breed heritage, making them appear slightly "off" to some but usually no more than that. This allows them to blend in to different human societies, or appear to be small mongrel wildcats such as you might find in a group of other cat shapechangers. This gift requires a roll of Manipulation + Subterfuge, and the expenditure of 1 point of Gnosis, which doesn't return until the Ceilican dispels the glamour. While it is active, they can't benefit from the Pure Breed background.

Second, many Ceilicans know a rite that can replace their identity with a new one. Their memories and appearance are altered, and they may re-allocate skills at a rate of one dot per success rolled. Their Merits and Flaws remain, but their pryio and Backgrounds must be changed to different ones once the rite is completed. If any memories of their past life remain, they seem like dreams or half-remembered stories.

Ceilicans have three unusual weaknesses, all of which resemble legends told about them. Reciting a Ceilican's name backwards six times is supposed to be able to kill them; it really just makes them uncomfortable. The sound of churchbells is supposed to strike them deaf, when in reality it just entrances them for a moment. Finally, cold iron is said to burn their skin like a brand; as it turns out, extremely pure iron affects them this way, regardless of its temperature. Most Ceilicans are vulnerable to silver as well, like other shapechangers, but many -- called "moon cats" by some -- treat it as their plaything.

A Ceilican's feline form is the size of a housecat or small wildcat. Ceilicans with the Pure Breed background look like sleek, black domesticated cats, with emerald green eyes that seem to glow in the dark.

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First, a new profile.

Second, a new old community, [community profile] fursonarpg. We promised some local furs a draft of our RPG rules, and have been hastily writing and editing. Here's how far we've gotten:

Basic Rules:

Fursona Creation, part 1:

Fursona Creation, part 2:

We're partly doing this because of all the times we've had to help walk people through Pathfinder's character creation process, and we want to just do all the work at once and make it so people can easily understand how to do it on their own. Also because we like a lot of things about World of Darkness' character creation, and noticed some ways we can make Pathfinder work like it without actually changing the underlying math too much.

What's frustrating is that when our web hosting went down without warning, we lost all the stuff that we wrote on our old WordPress site. This includes [personal profile] cereus' story (I've contacted them about it but received no reply), and all the Fursona RPG stuff that we wrote. Remember, kids, keep local backups.

Let us know what you think, if you're interested.

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