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I've been watching the "Heroes of Awesome" play D&D. In this episode, they're camping out in the forest and are being circled by wolves.

Click here if you can't see the speciesist title card.

In previous episodes, the players (a guy, a girl, and two women) completely lacked agency or the ability to advance the plot in any way, save by kissing up to or accepting missions from NPC authority figures. And rolling a d20 over and over again until their roll doesn't suck. In this episode, we're apparently finding out that wolves like to eat elven and human adventurers who are encircling a campfire.

As soon as they realized the threat they were facing, the Chaotic-Neutral-ish Rogue asked if she ought to climb a tree. Everyone was like "NO" even though this is, of course, the most sensible thing to do.

Also, just as a minor nitpick, literally everyone at the table forgot that Eladrin don't sleep, and are aware of their surroundings during "trance." Which became relevant when the people on night watch started rolling Perception.

Can the wolves possibly survive their encounter with heavily-armed adventurers?! Maybe we'll keep watching and let you all know. >_>; I have to say, though, these campaign videos are really making me appreciate Fate and Dungeon World.


We actually DMed an encounter with wolves, once, in D&D 4e, the same system these people are using. A Revenant (sapient zombie) player character woke up from death to find one chewing on her foot.

The wolves freaked out when the "carrion" fought back. Then she and another player character (who happened to show up just then) started dealing damage to them and doing flashy spellcasting-type stuff, and they bolted back into the woods.

No one was killed on either side (although one of the people involved was already dead).

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Content note: Subtitled swear words, talk about sex, and child rape.

"They made me feel guilty for touching myself as a fourteen-year-old! And now I find out Joseph was %!@$ing fourteen-year-olds!?" Click here if you can't see the video.

"His shelf breaks," in the video's title, refers to the Mormon adage of "putting a thing on your shelf" to mean no longer contemplating something that's causing you to doubt the institutional church's claims or good intentions. Ex-mormons talk about breaking shelves to mean that something finally pushed them over the edge.

A lot of shelves have been breaking since their church recently published its essays, admitting to things like how Joseph Smith preyed on a girl "a few months from her fifteenth birthday," and those essays getting front-page, mainstream attention in places like CNN and the New York Times. Even though the essays still hide or obscure some things, and always phrase stuff in a way that creates the most ambiguity and casts the best light on the church, there are a lot of real people who are finding this stuff out right now and having the same reaction Memetic Hitler did in that video.

So you could say it's funny because it's not funny!

May whatever gods hear their prayers be merciful to them, and help them and their families escape.

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What lessons can we learn from this video?

Trigger warning for spiritual abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual guilt. Also, content note for profanity.

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So today I wore gender-appropriate clothing for the first time since the FWA fiasco. It took me a little while to figure out which outfit I liked best, and why. And once I'd gotten myself cleaned up and dressed, I found myself facing a lot of the same nervousness and identity issues I'd been earlier.

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What is it that makes some people progress, while others just stop in their tracks?

Hacker and Y Combinator founder Paul Graham explored that question in "A Word to the Resourceful." He was trying to figure out why a warning sign of startups that'd fail was when ...
... they all seemed hard to talk to. It felt as if there was some kind of wall between us. I could never quite tell if they understood what I was saying.
He goes on to realize the successful startups were the ones that could explore the implications of anything they learned "with fresh eyes," while "the unsuccessful founders had the sort of conservatism that comes from weakness. They traversed idea space as gingerly as a very old person traverses the physical world."

I can remember being like that. I can remember how any threatening idea, anything that interfered with what I thought my life and the world should be like, would be shut down and shut out of my mind.

Somehow, a few years ago, I started to Realize Things. I realized the world wasn't what I thought it was, and I wasn't what I thought I was, either. And it was painful, because the people around me were all trying to talk me out of it. They couldn't do so coherently, but they could exclude me and make me feel bad for needing to explore these things.

The mystic explanation I accept for this was that I was fox possessed then. I don't feel like that explanation should shut down all question-asking, though, which is kind of the point. What is this process, in my mind and the minds of others? Is this how humans took over the world? Did one primate suddenly realize she can change things? Did many, in separate places, only to be shut down or eaten or bullied?

What's keeping animals from doing this? Or are some of them doing it already?

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