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Turns out yesterday was "Intellectual Property Day," and the wonderful country I live in had its ambassadors spend the day promoting it worldwide.

Ars Technica also examined ways to improve the copyright system. Personally, I disagree with their last one; requiring you to manually register to receive any legal protection is just an invisible barrier to entry.

Finally, to put things in perspective

Creative works are relevant and valuable. Unlike this bullshit artist's website, which popped up when I researched MLM stuff after hearing someone mention it.

"Marketers" like that are living proof that libertarian capitalism -- private ownership of the means of production, and allowing the market to determine a person's value -- sucks hard. They're a reminder that money is a way of life for some people. They're exploits that need to be patched.

People like them have way too much power. Especially considering that they produce nothing of value.

Part of the reason Apple was such a lovable underdog is because they embodied the opposite of those people's values. The "suits" weren't in charge at Apple. Steve Jobs was, and as much of a tyrant and jerk as he was, he cared about making things that were beautiful and useful and improved people's lives. An entire culture grew out of those ideas, and I think that culture has value and is worth celebrating.

That culture still exists, as near as I can tell. Apple has largely expanded it moreso than undermining it. They play by the rules, and they play extremely well. It's just that the rules, right now, are a) designed to favour rich capitalists over actual workers and b) not intended to govern a high-tech society.

They need to be changed.

jewelfox: A portrait of a female anthropomorphic fox, with a pink jewelled pendant and a cute overbite. (Default)
That's how a Mormon disdainfully summarized the message at the end of the Book of Mormon musical, which was made by nonmembers and which he considered vulgar and disrespectful. He was trying to portray this message as obviously inferior to his beliefs, and not worth listening to. But the more I think about it, the more I think he really nailed the way I feel a person should live.

Especially the "dumb" part.

I've seen that criticism thrown at my beliefs, and the beliefs of those I respect, by atheists and true believers alike. I think that it's one of those words that is meant to be an objective critique, but what it really does is say "This thing triggers my personal incredulity response." Or "I can't imagine a world where this has any value."

"Dumb" means the same thing as "improper." It means something that makes you uncomfortable, and that you don't like but you don't want to face the reason why. That if you ever did, it'd be in the form of an elaborate rationalization that misses the point and erases someone's feelings and experiences -- possibly your own.

I think it could easily be a virtue -- sort of like Steve Jobs' admonition to "Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

So do what you want, no matter how dumb others think it is, and be a good person.

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