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We finally finished painting our Arcantrik Force Generator. This is the model that first made us sit up and notice that miniatures games were a thing, and now it's ready to eff some shit up on the battlefield ... and look pretty on our shelves.

A spindly white model with blue power glow, which looks sort of like a robotic space flea perched on the snow. It has a turbine in the centre, behind a large armour plate, and three long, upraised appendages with have metal tips that point towards a convergence in the air above it.

Click here to view on DeviantArt.

It's supposed to have three doods standing on the base controlling it, but we decided to use them in other projects.

Yes, it is on our blanket. We took it with us when we curled up on our bed with our laptop. We're such a dork.

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This is the Phoenix-class heavy myrmidon we just finished constructing, next to the box for reference. With its completion, we now have the minimum two heavies to run Kaelyssa's Force Wall theme list.

A gray plastic model of a robot or walking statue, carrying a sword. It is standing next to a box which shows it painted in cream-white and steel.

In the background, you can see plastic hell the squad of Tau Pathfinders we still have to work on. It took half of forever last time, and we aren't really looking forward to it again. Once we're finished, though, we should have enough Pathfinders / markerlights for any list or formation that we want to run.

... I haven't posted pics of the last squad, have I? Maybe in tomorrow's entry.

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Life events have kind of thrown us for a loop lately, with a romantic relationship ending under extremely unfortunate circumstances and sudden housing insecurity to worry about. ^^; We've been talking to [personal profile] aliaspseudonym and [personal profile] burning_ground about what we can do to avoid eviction ... in the meantime, offers of help or support are very much appreciated, especially with the housing situation.

EDIT: We're still reeling from the breakup, but I think we've worked out the housing thing. So no worries ...

In the meantime, here are some photos and recollections of the more positive side of our life. We've gotten into several games at the store, and our myrmidons are now basically finished:

Kaelyssa's Warmachine battlegroup, comprising a Manticore, Griffin, and Chimera. A group of four models sitting on Jewelfox's desk, hand-painted by her to resemble the studio scheme, and messily based using white glue and snowy flock.

We've cleaned up the stray snow on their bases since taking this picture.

Lots of Malifaux and 40k pics behind cut! )

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Yesterday, after a harrowing trip into the next city over to refill our prescription, we met up with the woman we ran into last week to play Warmachine versus her Hordes list.

A zoomed-out view of the snowy, rocky battlefield, with Ret forges spread out and preparing to converge on the clumped-up Legion warbeasts and troops.

The games store has some awesome terrain tables.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the game(s), Warmachine and Hordes are sort of like playing a tag-team fighting game. You each pick a warcaster (or warlock, in Hordes) and a small group of either robots or monsters that character can control, and you win by defeating your opponent's character. There are things like infantry units and siege engines, the same as in large-scale games like 40k, but those are all optional add-ons.

She was using the Legion of Everblight half of the Hordes two-player boxed set, while we brought the Retribution of Scyrah starter battlegroup plus our Arcantrik Force Generator (the big model on the right in the pic up there). So basically, she had a squad of Ogrun spear-throwers to go with her monsters, while we had a big lazor gun and our myrmidons. Both of our lists had 21 points' worth of models.

Kaelyssa and two of her myrmidons square off against a Carnivean heavy warbeast, with the rest of the Legion battlegroup looking on.

WARNING: Getting this close to a Carnivean is hazardous to your health.

We made a newb mistake early on when we moved our warcaster, Kaelyssa, up into the threat range of pretty much every one of our opponent's models. She had her warlock, Lylyth, nail Kae with a couple of arrows, and that brought her health bar down by like 4/5.

We managed to pull back though, and had our myrmidons do most of the up-close fighting like they're supposed to. The three of them finished off the big warbeast in one turn of blade-swinging, while our battle engine kept blowing craters in the battlefield from long range. I think that it taught our opponent not to leave her models clumped together!

Just for fun

It was really a fun, casual game though, and we both strategized out loud while reminding each other of the rules. The best part was right towards the end, when our forces had made short work of most of hers but she had a single lesser warbeast close enough to charge Kaelyssa. We both spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to improve its chances of making a last-ditch warcaster assassination. One of our myrmidons ended up killing it as it ran past, but I think if it'd made it then she would have won!

So, we had a lot of fun on this outing. But the best part was that she used the correct pronouns for us without our even telling her. ^^; She didn't give us any trouble about our models' pronouns, either.

Stay tuned for next week, when our Tau secure some objectives for the Greater Good ~

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I used some of the money from eBay-ing my old laptop to pick up a relatively expensive model kit that I felt was worth it: the Arcantrik Force Generator.

A photo of an unpainted resin model, the Arcantrik Force Generator from the Warmachine miniatures game. Its sleek chassis and spindly, upwards-pointing legs make it look like a cross between a hovertank, a space fighter, and Lavos from Chrono Trigger.

This is the model that made me want to get into playing Retribution of Scyrah, in the Warmachine miniatures game, when I first saw it. Everything else was, like, steampunk robots and tesla coil knights, which is admittedly awesome but is not really my cup of tea. This, on the other hand, looked so pristine and otherworldly that one could hardly tell that it was an artillery piece.

I was spellbound.

A photo of the unpainted Arcantrik Force Generator model next to the box that it came in, which shows it painted in a bright white and teal colour scheme.

I'm looking forward to painting this thing. ^^; I also got it at a large discount on Amazon (although I'm picking up the book that has rules for Battle Engines at the local games store), and I was going to use the three arcane technician models that came with it as proxies for additional Arcanists. I'm running the Force Wall theme list, and it uses a ton of those.

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Last night, in a marathon session, we glued together the parts to a Retribution of Scyrah battlegroup that we got a couple of months ago.

A photograph of a boxed miniatures starter set, for the Retribution of Scyrah faction in the Warmachine miniatures game. The included models consist of an elf woman in battle armour, posed dynamically with a sword and carbine, and three white-and-cyan robots towering over her, all of which have rounded chassis and glowing magical lines and resemble modern art sculptures.
Some assembly required.

We had already cleaned each individual part with a toothbrush and water with dish soap, used one of [personal profile] rev_yurodivy’s hobby knives to trim the flash off of each part, and separated the pieces by miniature to figure out exactly how they fit together.

The parts to one of the models in the above picture, spread out on a towel in roughly the shape that they're meant to fit together.
At least we knew where our towel was.

Now we had to use a cyanoacrylate super glue, and fit all the pieces in place just right. Including the little tiny bits.

… it was quite an experience.

At one point we were stuck to one of the smaller models with both hands, and just about woke Yuro up to ask them to do a web search for how to remove super glue from your hands. >_> Fortunately, immersing the affected parts in water and tugging gently seemed to do the trick after five minutes or so, and didn’t ruin the model in the process.

We got slightly manic after an hour or so, and started thinking of our brother of origin’s huge shelf full of snap-together Zoids models, like “YOU THINK YOUR ZOIDS ARE HARDCORE!? THIS IS HARDCORE!!1!”

The last thing we dreamed before waking up was that someone was telling us we put the large one together wrong. >_>;

I think we had fun, though! Here’s a picture of what the finished models look like right now, since I’m pretty sure they won’t survive transit to the games store.

Four finished, unpainted plastic models, set up in front of the box in a way that roughly matches the box art.
Check out those arc nodes.

… now we just have to paint them and base them.

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