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Last time, we talked about what makes a kin (therian, fictive, or otherkin) kin:

  1. Identification ("I am this thing.")

  2. Explanation ("This is why and/or how I'm this thing.")

  3. Expression ("This is what I will do because I'm this thing.")

Note that none of the above are unique to kin. As far as I know, this is how everyone forms their identity, whether they're deciding which role model to follow or which gender to present as. The values for "I am" and "this is why" change slightly, but in the end most people want free expression, at least for themselves.

So why are they so hostile to other people's expression? And why are the people who've fought the hardest for their own -- like trans* people and therians -- so hostile to others in similar circumstances, like fictives and otherkin?

There are really a lot of reasons. But the one that makes this a religious war, the one that may be the biggest, is hope.

(Content note for xenophobia, transphobia, religious abuse, and species / religious supremacism.)

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