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When I thought I was male, I also thought I hated pink.

Pink was the color of Pepto-Bismol. Of boring frilly girly stuff, that's covered in fake rhinestones. Of the Cancer Industrial Complex, and its infantalizing cheerfulness. Of the LDS Young Women's Personal Progress manual, with its Value Experiences like "Prepare to be worthy to enter the temple" and its logo that shows the light of Christ setting a girl's hair on fire.

Purple seemed safer. Plus it was more active and energetic, halfway between blue and red. So that's what color I told [personal profile] aliaspseudonym I wanted my new female fursona to be, while he was drawing it.

That's how I started out, anyway. "Can you try for a bright purple?" I asked him. "Like that spot there, in the upper-right of your color wheel."

"'Bright purple,'" he thought. "Riiight."

A picture of a black and neon pink fox-phoenix gryphon, in a sleeveless top and denim shorts, looking into the camera as she flaps her wings and takes off into the air.

And that's how I ended up with neon pink feathers and hair.

I had no idea I liked pink so much. This shade just seems so ... alive. And when it complements black, to me it conveys not just energy but passion and hidden depths, without taking itself too seriously. It's unashamed, and it wants you to know that.

When I was growing up as a Mormon male, my mom bought all my clothes for me. All I wanted from my appearance was to blend in and look respectable. And some choices, like being a girl and anything that traditionally went with that, were off limits.

Screw that noise. This is me now. *poses* I don't know how long I'll stay this way, but I like it better than anything else that I've been. Here's hoping that you all do too.

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