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From the PlayStation Blog, on an upcoming PlayStation VR game called How We Soar:

Everything from the environment to the characters to the Phoenix itself is fashioned in a unique papercraft art style, giving everything you see a very distinct and tactile appearance. One of the coolest things about the game is how you interact with the world around you. Each level that you enter will appear strangely shredded, torn and unfolded.

A screenshot from the upcoming PlayStation VR game, How we Soar. It depicts floating pages and papercraft objects, including a large tree apparently shedding its leaves, all of it in the sky above the clouds.

Through the simple act of flight and exploration, you will cause the world around you to react, curl, and reform into recognizable environments. As you do this, you will uncover many story secrets, as well as restore color to the world, simply by flying close to each surface — painting by flight!

Supposedly, they're going to announce a more powerful PS4 model that will be better able to handle VR, in just a couple of weeks. I'm not really an early adopter (and don't have the money for it to begin with), but this has caught my interest.

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