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Become Your Fursona is still online, despite [personal profile] feathertail's infosuicide. Some of the stories there are [personal profile] rev_yurodivy's, and they are not marked as such because I never finished updating the site properly. Most of them were written by me, though, and there's also the popular fursona species quiz, which is still the #1 search result on Google for "fursona quiz".

I'd like to get back into writing furry stories. The problem is, in order for it to be competitive on a per-word basis with even the cheapest articles the Major News Site asks me for, I'd have to charge something like $100 for a 5000-word story.

I'd like it if someone were willing to pay me that much, but I don't like the idea of producing a luxury good that only rich furs can afford. I also find that writing, for me, is much more enjoyable when I get to decide which stories to write. I'd rather write for someone who needs their story told, but doesn't have that much money to pay for it with, than someone who's willing and able to drop $100 on a whim.

So ideally, I'd like the price for a 5000-word story to be somewhere in the vicinity of $50. Here's how I'm thinking of making up the difference:
  1. Furry-themed ads, similar to what you'd see on FurAffinity but with less fetishy stuff. Also ads for webcomics and stories and things; stuff that you'd actually want to see and isn't just Google spam, and that doesn't interrupt the flow of your reading too much.

  2. eBook compilations, that people could buy and download for their offline reading. Also printed books, in case someone would like to have them on their shelves.

  3. Sponsorships by people who'd like their fursona (or furry-themed service?) to appear in a story, even if it's not their own. $15-20 might let your character cameo in a commission, and you could include a suggestion for what they might do. I experimented with this earlier, and people seemed to like it!

  4. Another thing I've considered is asking for tips after the story is complete. This would be completely optional, and it'd be understandable if someone can't or doesn't want to provide one, but it's also an opportunity to let them express their thanks if they really like how it turned out.
Every now and then I could hold a PBS-style fundraiser auction. I could either say "This is the kind of story I want to write, please pay me to do it," or I could swing to the other end and say "Pay me to write you your story."

Finally, I'm thinking of offering to make Pathfinder stats for someone's fursona and their abilities. This may be tricky sometimes, but I used to stat out the characters in people's furry art for fun, and if our Pathfinder setting gets off the ground this idea might get some more traction.

What do you think?

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