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We have spent the last week-and-a-half, or so, moving out of state and moving in with [personal profile] burning_ground! Who has been working non-stop to clean practically our entire old apartment, and then half of her house when we got there, while we struggle with nervousness and altitude acclimation to try to get anything done. ^^;

Did I say altitude? Because we're now living on top of a mountain, just over a mile above sea level. The good news is, there's a freaking stellar observatory nearby and we can go to the visitor's centre, or actually see the Milky Way at night because minimal light pollution. The bad news is, there's no cellphone reception up here, and the nearest tabletop games store is like 2-3 hours away.

Speaking of tabletop games, we should hopefully be on track to help people make their characters for [community profile] capsulerp by this weekend. We also have a Skype meeting scheduled then, with the other players in the Time Fridge game, and are going to try to recruit some playtesters / miniatures gaming newbies from among the science geeks living up here.

Wish us luck! With the rest of the cleaning / unpacking, to start with.

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