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This is the eighth chapter of a fanfiction adaptation of Christine Love's visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story. You do not need to have played the game to understand what is going on. This story is designed to be accessible to newcomers as transhumanist dystopian sci-fi, and many liberties were taken with the setting and dialogue, as well as with certain events.

Content note: Corpses, death, a gender-based slur, and depression.

* * *

Kim Hyun-ae was the first person I'd ever watched murder someone. Let alone thousands of someones, using nothing but a computer terminal.

That wasn't what struck me about her, though. It was how ... pale and sickly she looked. I guess that was appropriate, considering that she was the Emperor's Pale Bride. But I didn't know how anyone could have considered her attractive by this point in her life. She had bags under her eyes, stringy hair, unkempt robes, and a facial expression that looked completely dead to the world.

Also, um, she was kind of flat. At least, compared to what *Hyun-ae looked like, which was why I noticed.

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