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I used to love the old D&D miniatures game. The one with the randomized, prepainted minis, plus the stat cards and things for playing a "skirmish" game with them. But I sold them all off along with my other D&D stuff, and when D&D moved on to 4e I stayed behind.

Well, Paizo took up the 3.5 D&D mantle with Pathfinder, and just recently partnered with WizKids to make randomized, prepainted "Pathfinder Battles" minis. Despite the name, they don't have rules for a "skirmish" game (they're just for use with the RPG); and unlike the older and cheaper D&D minis, which came in "booster pack" style boxes, they're sold one at a time, with a ton of wasteful packaging.

That's the downside. On the upside? They're spectacularly well-made. The paint jobs are exquisite and detailed, the bases are rigid and don't bend, even the way that their names are written in white paint underneath the base (so they're easier to read) is better than with D&D. They're amazing.

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I'd love it if there were Creative Commons-licensed furry characters that non-humans could use, both as illustrations and minis, to represent themselves in RPGs. That would be awesome. And it would fill a gaping void in today's gaming market.
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Not just RPGs. >.>; I have a small collection of games that I like now, along with some console games of Yuro's (like the Persona series). None of these were very expensive to get, and I've sort of accumulated them over a couple of years ... not too much longer than that, since I sold off pretty much everything I owned and valued beforehand, some of which I actually regret losing.

I'm trying to figure out how these things should fit in my life and which ones I should spend time on, at any rate, and today seems like a good day to do so since I don't have the energy to work at the moment and I'm trying to settle down and recover. Yes, I know I still over-analyze things. Maybe I should get used to that too, and just let myself get the rambling out of my system. [personal profile] aliaspseudonym is probably used to that by now.

Just as a reminder, [personal profile] rev_yurodivy is starting an online RPG where you play as mad scientists. No prior experience is necessary.

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There, I've now spent hours writing about games instead of actually playing them. Yay me. >.>

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