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Remember the mech on the cover of the Tau codex? We got a boxed set of three of them several months ago, and have finally managed to assemble our first one!

A gray plastic model of a mecha, about 10 centimetres tall, standing on top of a six-sided dice cube.

"Oh, I'm sorry ... is the camera already on?"

I love how the tiny head and the little folded-back antennae make XV8s look. Isn't it cute? Sort of like the Games Workshop dice cube and all the little d6es in it are. ^^;

Anyway, we still need to assemble the other two, clean and trim all the weapons and support systems, then prime All The Things for painting and magnetize them so we can swap out the add-on gear.

There's a lot of other stuff that's been going on that we wanted to write about, but we just thought we would post this first. ^^; We also modified our sidebar text, uploaded our CSS tweaks to Microsoft's code-hosting site, and have been trying to figure out a perplexing mobile layout bug in our website's theme.

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