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Today on the bus, the driver asked me and [personal profile] rev_yurodivy (again) if we were married yet. Then she asked when we'd be married, and then she told us that if we weren't married we'd go to Hell. I let her know I wasn't particularly concerned where I ended up, as we left, using that exact language and feeling shaken, unsafe, and annoyed with her.

On the ride going back she was driving again, and she treated us to a fifteen-minute yelling rant about Jesus and Hell and salvation. I think the Book of Revelation was somewhere in there as well. She doesn't seem to be angry with us, but she seems very passionate about her beliefs and about making everyone else believe the same way.

I asked for her name so that I can call the town to complain about it. I'm going to let them know that I don't want to get her in trouble or anything, since she's gone out of her way to help us with some things, but that I don't appreciate being asked invasive questions or yelled at.

On the plus side, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I almost feel sorry for her. She was making a fool of herself, and I couldn't keep from giggling nervously during her rant.

On the down side, I think a big part of the reason I'm not as put out as I thought I would be is because I was presenting as male, and that comes with a lot of privilege. If I'd been presenting as female and it'd been a male driver, I probably would have been scared of being physically harmed. As it is, the biggest reason I didn't speak up was because I was afraid of being dropped off at the curb and denied rides in the future or something. We have to ride the bus for miles to get to the grocery store we prefer, and we need the drivers' help to load and unload our cart. I'm afraid of doing or saying something that causes them to decide not to.

I'm open to suggestions for what I should do, or how I should handle it in the future. Yuro and I are planning to move to another, more progressive town, but it'll be a few months down the road.

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