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So, there is this game on Kickstarter called Invisible Sun, made by a dood named Monte Cook who also wrote D&D stuff and an extremely unfortunate tabletop RPG for children.

Here are the reasons why people are talking about IS:

  1. It flatters prospective buyers liek whoa, as you can see in the title.
  2. It promises to "change the way you play RPGs," but gives few details as to how.
  3. It starts at $197 USD. And goes way up from there, with the main draw being exclusive secrets that only you get.

Most of the discussion surrounding the game is privilege-y economics stuff. "It's worth what people will pay for it," "no one has to pay $200 for a luxury good," etcetera.

I feel like what people are missing is that inequality effs your community hard.

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Caramel Mokaccino is, according to its Kickstarter page,

An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!

It's going to be a dating sim centred on a coffee shop, with a waitressing minigame. There's a free demo already playable.

The reason that this is a big deal is because the creators were on the team for Cute Demon Crashers, a free 18+ visual novel about cuteness, consent, and safe exploration. It has pretty much the same artstyle, and characters from the other game are making official and unofficial cameo appearances.

While it's not going to be 18+, it will allow same- and opposite-gender relationships (no nonbinary characters I think :c ) and have at least one polyamorous ending. Also, if they make it just a little farther in their fundraiser, they will release a separate, free "18+ fandisk" for the game.

... oh yeah, there are only a few hours left. Whoops!

I suggest checking it out when you get the chance. I am also totally not fangirling over the prospect of a "sequel" to one of my favourite VNs.

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