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The new expansion for FFXI, Seekers of Adoulin, introduced the Geomancer class. Their unique spells come in two flavours: The Indi- spells, like Indi-Refresh, which have an area of effect centred on the caster, and the Geo- spells, which are centred on a gadget that's like a WoW Shaman's totem.

I have it on good authority (read: I'm making stuff up) that the next update will include a variety of new Indi- spells.

  • Indi-Game: Turns FFXI into a quirky puzzle platformer made by two (suddenly rich) white cisguys in their bedroom.

  • Indi-Cred: Causes FFXI to get rave reviews from white cisguys on YouTube.

  • Indi-GoGo: Shuts FFXI down if it doesn't receive at least $500,000 in funding within the next 30 days.

  • Indi-Bundle: Name your own price for the next expansion, and unlock FFXIV on Steam if you beat the average.

  • Indi-Vidual: Turns FFXI into a single-player game.

These spells will only be unlocked if you purchase a physical item of jewelry similar to 2008's Tidal Talisman: the Indi-Pendant.

See you in Vana'diel! Maybe.

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