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So the session of D&D Encounters (the official organized play programme) that we attended this evening went pretty well! We played Skye, an Eladrin Mage, inspired by this artwork.

Mini Ari by ErraticRhapsody on deviantART

Skye carried a staff, and wore a fluffy white winter robe over a pink dress, but had a similar "elf mage girl" thing going on. (We'd probably also give her earmuffs.)

What it's like when [personal profile] jewelfox plays 4e

We're glad we decided to play an Eladrin at the last second. Because we were going into a building where a local official was being held hostage, and our brilliant plan was to split up the party into a group sneaking in by the balcony and a group that was going to crash down the front door. We were in the latter group, and when we realized that

  1. the ground floor was empty, and

  2. our DM was insisting it took twelve squares of movement (basically a whole turn) just to go up the stairwell,

we instead ran around the side and used Fey Step to teleport up onto the balcony. Then we spent an Action Point and used one of our illusion mage powers to make it look like the ceiling crashed down on the bad guys' heads, which dazed them for a turn.

It was pretty funny when we got to the "crash the door down" part of the plan, because the Barbarian who was supposed to do that rolled like a 3 on his Strength check and just hurt his shoulder on it. Then he tried the doorknob and it turned out to be unlocked. ^.^;

Meanwhile, upstairs our Goliath Fighter did this "Xena yell" and charged in from the balcony, only to get tripped up on the curtains and land in a tangled heap next to the wererat boss. Natural 1 on the attack roll FTW! Fortunately, most of us had better luck in the rest of the session.

We cast Fountain of Flame before our illusion even dissipated, so while the thugs were still trying to pull themselves out of illusory rubble it suddenly exploded in their faces, as a column of fire shot up to the sky. The wererat ran outside of it and crawled up the Fighter's clothes in rat form (!?), but she grabbed him and stuck him back into the fire, which only affected our enemies. After that, the Deva Cleric played Whack-a-Mole with a silver morningstar, and from that point it was just cleanup.

Trying to follow the plot

We're not really sure what's going on in this season of Encounters! Apparently this evil dood is, like, trying to usurp the post of Speaker for the town of Bryn Shander, as well as the rest of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale. So after we saved the Speaker of B.S. from the thugs (this is what the DM called her :P ) we raced across to the town hall, where evil dood was doing some speechifying.

The Speaker was all "you won't get away with this" and evil dood was like "yes I will, because I am awesome and can be in all ten towns at once! Somehow! And you'll never stop me! Ha ha!" and then teleported out.

And I was like "Well, he's got my vote! :D "

But then I had Skye roll Arcana to see if she could tell what kind of teleport spell the dood used, and she went o_o and was like "GUYS HE'S WITHIN 100 FEET OF HERE EVERYONE SPREAD OUT AND LOOK FOR HIM!" Unfortunately, we only caught a glimpse of his backside as he was taking off down the road through a crowd. Maybe next time we should station our catgirl sniper across the street on a rooftop or something.

OMG free stuff

They had some spares left over, so we got this nice poster map thing and a flyer for this season of Encounters! These were originally given out at the start of this season.

A photo of a small poster map of the Icewind Dale area, and a flyer for the Legacy of the Crystal Shard season of D&D Encounters, on top of Jewelfox's laptop.
Evil dood is the second one from the left.

On top of that, we still had the "Enchanted Heirloom" card that we won in a drawing the very first time we went to Encounters, which lets us reroll an attack once per session. We also brought our Fortune Cards, which are like an optional CCG deck where you draw a card each turn and can use its (highly conditional) power if you want.

Back in the day we earned several promos and bought like a pack every week, just because they were fun to play with. As it turns out, they stopped using them in Encounters, which is probably because of the backlash they got for adding a collectible card element to the game. >_< But the DM let us use them, because everyone else in the group had character themes and backgrounds and we didn't.

We're considering going back and redoing our character, since they seem to be allowing stuff other than in the Essentials core books. Even Hengeyokai, which are animal shapeshifters with an anthro form.

Why 4e all of a sudden?

Because we love D&D 4th Edition. ^.^;; Not the original so much as the post-Essentials 4e, which we feel has much more distinct class design and better monster statistics. It was also made after Wizards of the Coast realized the recession was cutting into their sales, so the Essentials products offer much better value in some ways; for the price of a hardcover rulebook you would get a huge boxed set, with a book, a published adventure, several sheets of tokens, and a map.

We love having so many things to fiddle with, and we also love how freeform so much of 4e is. Your options in combat are clearly laid out, but 4e doesn't try to put game stats for everything your character can do the way Pathfinder does, and a lot of stuff comes down to roleplayingness. Each skill even has an "Improvising with ____" section, which suggests possible uses for them instead of defining the only allowed ones.

It's easier to make a fun (or furry) character to play in 4e than in Pathfinder, IOO, and it's much easier as a DM to put together a balanced encounter. I don't know how much time we put into balancing, writing, and rewriting stuff for Pathfinder. Maybe we will again later -- we don't hate it or anything -- but the biggest reasons we started playing it instead of 4e were technical problems with DMing 4e online, and our open-source everything obsession. Neither are factors anymore.

We'll keep you posted on how Encounters turns out!

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