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Eight gun drones and twelve Fire Warriors, with their basecoats fully painted. I’m not brave enough to attempt washes or drybrushing highlights yet.

Jewelfox's squads of Tau minis, lined up on her table.

That's twenty models, if you're counting.

Painting details

The colour scheme was inspired by N’dras sept’s. Specific colours used are a mix of roughly 3-4 parts Gnarls Green with 1 part Arcane Blue, similar proportions of Ironhull Gray with Thamar Black, and then the Fire Warriors’ equipment was done in Ironhull Gray mixed with Coal Black.

(EDIT: After trying to replicate this on our Pathfinders, I'm pretty sure the equipment is also Ironhull Gray mixed with Thamar Black. Coal Black is more like a really dark blue, it turns out.)

Accent colours are Arcane Blue, Rhulic Gold, and Thamar Black on its own, with Arcane Blue, Murderous Magenta, and Necrotite Green used on the hilts of the ta’lissera ritual knives of the three in the back to distinguish them. All paints were from the Formula P3 line.

Gameplay details

The three with the coloured blade hilts are going to be my specialists, if I ever play Kill Team with them. The two with the black shoulder pads and handheld scanners are the squad leaders, although I will normally be playing them as a single squad so I’ll probably use the one that’s standing up as the leader. One of the gun drones has black primer all over its base because I glued it on before priming it, and I’ve used it as a specialist in a Crisis suit Kill Team list.


A close-up of a Tau gun drone, painted green and gray.

The gun drones sound just like Portal turrets, in my headcanon.

A close-up of a Tau Fire Warrior, painted forest green and gray with gold accents

I find them more endearing with their helmets on, somehow.

What’s next?

Painting and magnetizing those Crisis battlesuits, and painting the Devilfish troop transport. After that I'll have a complete 500 point force that I painted myself. ^^; And yes, we’ll upload pictures.

I’m bringing mom’s Kroot to the game on Tuesday, though. You need two Troop choices for a battle-forged list, and I’d rather not split the Fire Warriors into two tiny squads because reasons.

jewelfox: A portrait of a female anthropomorphic fox, with a pink jewelled pendant and a cute overbite. (Default)

Well, actually we're feeling exhausted, since [personal profile] burning_ground has come over from out of state and we've spent as much time playing Warmachine as sleeping in the past 48 hours. Plus nervousness and stress because we don't do the social thing all that often. ^^;

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of the games. We think you've all seen most of the miniatures used, though, if you've been following our WIP tag. We're going out to museums tomorrow with mom and [personal profile] rev_yurodivy, at any rate, and have asked Cortana to remind us to start taking pictures once we get into town.

More stuff about how we're doing )

Also, we changed our journal's theme. What do you all think?

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