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Our sleep schedule's starting to recover, though, and we're getting used to the idea of living in a remote high-tech wilderness.

So, here's what we're working on:

  • [community profile] capsulerp. Seriously you guys. Also the Time Fridge campaign.

  • Selling all our old D&D 4e stuff, because in hindsight it's very fiddly and technical and there is no one who has time for that.

  • Brainstorming an 18+ RPG that uses Dungeon World's rules, to help players explore sexual interests in a safe environment. I think I'll call it "Dungeon World."

We haven't forgotten about the Hate Plus fanfic, but having to actually play through the game again has been stressful. -_-

Probably the highlight of last week was watching Mari from Geek Remix stream a pacifist run of Undertale. It is the best RPG. On the down side, we cried for like a half hour straight afterwards, and I can't tell if that was a bad thing or a good thing. Maybe we ought to cry more instead of repressing all our anxieties. >_>; This is a thing, right? It's okay for girls to do this, right?

Anyway, I hope Yule all survive the tinselbombs and blinding lights of the War on Christmas season. Take care, everyone ~

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