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Content note: Political violence, physical violence, and why I feel using the latter to combat the former will get us all killed. Or at least, all of us whose bodies are politicized.

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If you're an abled white man, we don't need you to punch Nazis for us. The Nazis can and will take out their anger on more vulnerable targets. What we need is for you to pick one of the battles we're waging, and use your power and privilege to shield us. Either give what we need to keep fighting, or find out where the line of fire is and get in the way. In MMO terms, we're cycling DoTs on the raid boss, but we need you to heal, buff, and tank for us.

(MMORPGs are a much better lens to view a group struggle through than solo shooter / adventure games, because anyone who's worked with seventeen other people to clear Dynamis knows what happens when someone refuses to listen, or makes the run all about them.)

Nazis talk tough and collect firearms, but they're fucking cowards. All bullies are. Just look at how scared they are of trans, female, and/or PoC bodies, let alone yours! If you make it clear you oppose them, you don't need to throw punches to get them to back down. Most of the time, all you need to do is tell them to fuck off. Just make sure we're okay, afterwards, and that you listen when we say what we need.

Donate to the Standing Rock Water Protectors.

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I hope that the people who fought so hard for this will now devote at least half as much energy to the struggle for recognition of transgender rights, including for non-binary trans folk, and marriage equality for those who love more than one person.

Because polyamorous partners still lack the protections and freedoms that same-gender couples now have in the States. And it is still both legal and socially acceptable to fire or evict transgender persons just for being transgender.

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  • Asked Dreamwidth support to make a one-word correction to the Guiding Principles page because speciesism and consistency with the Diversity Statement. Asked to wait six months before it will even be considered.

  • Contacted Geeksphone asking them to please correct gender-specific language on their promo page which implies that all developers are male. No response.

  • Contacted local transit authority to ask a question about accomodations for people with portable shopping carts and complain about the way we were treated by several drivers and passengers. No response.

  • Posted on Republic Wireless' new brainstorming site to propose a suggestion for public review that the wireless carrier become an employee- and customer-owned co-op. Post automatically held for moderation, then deleted with no response.

I feel like crap.

Crap with extremely bad taste in everything.

Edit: Except websites, and I understand that [staff profile] denise is injured and disabled and has her hands full and that this is low-priority for her even though I wish it weren't. >_<

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