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Our sleep schedule's starting to recover, though, and we're getting used to the idea of living in a remote high-tech wilderness.

So, here's what we're working on:

  • [community profile] capsulerp. Seriously you guys. Also the Time Fridge campaign.

  • Selling all our old D&D 4e stuff, because in hindsight it's very fiddly and technical and there is no one who has time for that.

  • Brainstorming an 18+ RPG that uses Dungeon World's rules, to help players explore sexual interests in a safe environment. I think I'll call it "Dungeon World."

We haven't forgotten about the Hate Plus fanfic, but having to actually play through the game again has been stressful. -_-

Probably the highlight of last week was watching Mari from Geek Remix stream a pacifist run of Undertale. It is the best RPG. On the down side, we cried for like a half hour straight afterwards, and I can't tell if that was a bad thing or a good thing. Maybe we ought to cry more instead of repressing all our anxieties. >_>; This is a thing, right? It's okay for girls to do this, right?

Anyway, I hope Yule all survive the tinselbombs and blinding lights of the War on Christmas season. Take care, everyone ~

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We have spent the last week-and-a-half, or so, moving out of state and moving in with [personal profile] burning_ground! Who has been working non-stop to clean practically our entire old apartment, and then half of her house when we got there, while we struggle with nervousness and altitude acclimation to try to get anything done. ^^;

Did I say altitude? Because we're now living on top of a mountain, just over a mile above sea level. The good news is, there's a freaking stellar observatory nearby and we can go to the visitor's centre, or actually see the Milky Way at night because minimal light pollution. The bad news is, there's no cellphone reception up here, and the nearest tabletop games store is like 2-3 hours away.

Speaking of tabletop games, we should hopefully be on track to help people make their characters for [community profile] capsulerp by this weekend. We also have a Skype meeting scheduled then, with the other players in the Time Fridge game, and are going to try to recruit some playtesters / miniatures gaming newbies from among the science geeks living up here.

Wish us luck! With the rest of the cleaning / unpacking, to start with.

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So, I went out to GM the first session of the in-person Fate game we planned with the other players. Who are a guy we already knew, and his two friends.

(Content Note: Fictional pepper spray, and sibling abuse.)

The Premise

One of the characters was a mad scientist college student, one was his (doormat) assistant who took the same classes, and one was a Fighter-class fantasy adventurer who stumbled upon their "Time Fridge," when it teleported them to an alternate timeline.

Yes. Time Fridge.

(Name shamelessly stolen from the Faulty Logic webcomic.)

Cue Doctor Who theme )

All in all, it was a really fun experience and educational as well. ^^; I feel like I'm learning a lot about game design, which is now my Dream Career, by playing out these new games on the table. And seeing just how much they empower players, GMs, and creatives.

This is what I wanted, long ago, with the "Fursona Project" and "Fursona Code" and "Become Your Fursona" website. At their core, at the most basic level, I wanted people to be able to live as their personal characters, and have a common design vocabulary and resources to help express what they're like. I'm still learning the historical reasons why, but d20 and Pathfinder did not deliver on that.

From what I am seeing, Fate Core has delivered on that promise.

Now to see if we can kick off this online campaign properly.

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