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Our sleep schedule's starting to recover, though, and we're getting used to the idea of living in a remote high-tech wilderness.

So, here's what we're working on:

  • [community profile] capsulerp. Seriously you guys. Also the Time Fridge campaign.

  • Selling all our old D&D 4e stuff, because in hindsight it's very fiddly and technical and there is no one who has time for that.

  • Brainstorming an 18+ RPG that uses Dungeon World's rules, to help players explore sexual interests in a safe environment. I think I'll call it "Dungeon World."

We haven't forgotten about the Hate Plus fanfic, but having to actually play through the game again has been stressful. -_-

Probably the highlight of last week was watching Mari from Geek Remix stream a pacifist run of Undertale. It is the best RPG. On the down side, we cried for like a half hour straight afterwards, and I can't tell if that was a bad thing or a good thing. Maybe we ought to cry more instead of repressing all our anxieties. >_>; This is a thing, right? It's okay for girls to do this, right?

Anyway, I hope Yule all survive the tinselbombs and blinding lights of the War on Christmas season. Take care, everyone ~

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We have spent the last week-and-a-half, or so, moving out of state and moving in with [personal profile] burning_ground! Who has been working non-stop to clean practically our entire old apartment, and then half of her house when we got there, while we struggle with nervousness and altitude acclimation to try to get anything done. ^^;

Did I say altitude? Because we're now living on top of a mountain, just over a mile above sea level. The good news is, there's a freaking stellar observatory nearby and we can go to the visitor's centre, or actually see the Milky Way at night because minimal light pollution. The bad news is, there's no cellphone reception up here, and the nearest tabletop games store is like 2-3 hours away.

Speaking of tabletop games, we should hopefully be on track to help people make their characters for [community profile] capsulerp by this weekend. We also have a Skype meeting scheduled then, with the other players in the Time Fridge game, and are going to try to recruit some playtesters / miniatures gaming newbies from among the science geeks living up here.

Wish us luck! With the rest of the cleaning / unpacking, to start with.

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[personal profile] sablin27 has been asking us a million questions about the RP setting worldbuilding essay ... which is good!

Here's our attempt at answering some of the questions. If you have a story idea for your character which doesn't fit with our answers, let us know and we can discuss!

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This is a long worldbuilding essay I did, both for [community profile] capsulerp and for the Analogue and Hate Plus adapts, of the way that I imagine their transhumanist society working. With regard to people's bodies and minds, and how they relate.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, whether about the worldbuilding itself or about what sort of character you'd like to have in this setting (whether or not you are in the RP).

Primary Inspirations

  • Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus. PC games by Christine Love.

  • The Culture novels, by Iain Banks.

  • Mindjammer. Pen-and-paper roleplaying game by Sarah Newton, and powered by Fate Core.

  • Sword of the Stars series. PC games by Kerberos Productions, with lore written by Arinn Dembo.

Who are you?

Most people are at least partly defined by their species and cultural roles. Your personal identity, or identity traits which define who you are as a person, consists of two things.

  • Your neurotype, or "who you are on the inside."

  • Your phenotype, or "who you are on the outside."

Transhumanist fiction, like the [community profile] capsulerp, is based on the idea that the two can be separated. That while your body can be a way of expressing yourself, it doesn't have to be something you're stuck with, especially if it's making you feel sick or miserable.

What form would you choose for yourself, if you could? And how would you go about transferring your consciousness into it?

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So, lately I've taken to reading transcripts of the "FATAL & Friends" reviews on Something Awful, named after the legendary Worst RPG Ever. It's been very interesting to get a fresh perspective on games like Pathfinder, and see their flaws pointed out by an outsider.

(The Original D&D review was also very interesting. Did you know that the reason Pathfinder has so many spells like Cloudkill and Hallucinatory Terrain is because they were originally supposed to be used in a Warhammer style miniatures game, to delete blocks of infantry or to create or obscure terrain?)

Fate Core in person

I also recently had the experience of going out to GM a starting session of Fate Core in person, for a Pathfinder veteran and his friend who was new to RPGs but was very interested when I described Fate.

In hindsight, I think I did things all wrong for the planned Capsule Contingency RPG. >_>;;

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So, for [personal profile] redsixwing and [personal profile] sablin27 ...

What should we do for our planned game? Do you want to just start it right now, and then help us come up with things as we go? Because I think that we could do that, if there is an understanding that it isn't going to be perfect. ^^; We could alternately discuss some of the ideas we had for where the game's going to go, so we can find out what stories you're interested in exploring and maybe get some ideas and stuff.

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This is Mira Fox, the character we play in FFXIV. Apparently there are a lot of RPers in Eorzea, and some of them even use Fate. Who would have thought?

(Please note that the use of "men" to mean people is a turn of phrase that is unfortunately common in Mira's world, and which she might be only beginning to question.)

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Character sheet formatting (and the I'm a Keeper stunt, representing her species) yoinked from Knight Kat's character sheet. This is what the characters for [community profile] capsulerp will look like once we get them posted, so let us know if you have any questions ~

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Last night I posted a (kinda depressing) thing about not being able to do the online RP we've been planning. I pulled it after I'd calmed down and been able to rest, but I'm still not sure that we're stable enough right now to be "always-on," so to speak, and to be able to do things like reply to creative writing prompts on demand. Especially when things keep happening, multiple times in a week, that set us back and make it impossible to keep to any kind of a daily schedule.

That's not to say that we don't want to GM an RP, or that we can't, period. But I don't think the play-by-post format will work for us, because it takes a lot of effort to "shift gears" to be able to write for it. And having to do that on an as-needed basis, just in the character planning phase, has been making us dread posting on Dreamwidth and leaving comments unanswered.

Or not having our comments answered.

I think what would work better for us would be to schedule times to go on a chat app, or even a forum like here on DW, and GM a game for a few hours, all at once and with no interruption. It would give us deadlines to prepare for, and also help us relax in our "time off." It would also improve our responsiveness, since we're very good at being focused and on-task when needed and the problem is not knowing when we will need to do that (and feeling like we are getting further and further behind when we need just a day or two to stop doing it).

I'm going to just assume that no one wants to do a chat-based or "live" forum RP, right now, and consider the one we were working on dead. I'm probably then going to avoid Dreamwidth out of shame for awhile. If anyone wants to try this format, though, I guess we can talk about where to go next in the comments.

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Yet another emotional crisis drove us underground, in the last few days. We're taking care of it (and ourself), with [personal profile] aliaspseudonym's help, but we're also having to do things like go out and get prescriptions refilled and try to make ourself play miniatures games (which is our only in-person social contact anymore).

So the RPG thing has been a little delayed. >_o

I'm told there's at least one other person who's interested, though, besides [personal profile] redsixwing and [personal profile] sablin27, and I'm going to try to get in touch with someone from Steam who expressed interest as well. (For some reason I thought he subscribed here on Dreamwidth, since he commented here, and I was wondering why he never followed up.)

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... sort of.

You can visit [community profile] capsulerp now, and see useful links that we have for players, including our earlier summary of the game's rules (which doubles as an application thread). Right now we're getting back to players about the last few things to finalize on their sheets, and trying to get character sheets and the site itself formatted.

Speaking of which, if anyone knows CSS better than we do maybe you can tell us how to style only the entry text (including list items and headings) to use our preferred sans-serif fonts, while keeping the weird sci-fi font everywhere else. It's atmospheric and all, but it's a little hard on the eyes for reading long blocks of text. >_o

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"Capsule Contingency" is the working title of a play-by-post roleplaying game which [personal profile] jewelfox is now recruiting for. You may play as a character of almost any kind, from any historical or fictional setting, including ones of your own making. The one thing they all have in common is that they are waking up from cryogenic stasis, in an unfamiliar high-tech facility, and that their bodies have been invasively altered ... whether or not it appears that way at first glance.

Read on to find out how to play, and how to submit a character application.

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Please post your character concepts in the comments below. (You may have to register for a free Dreamwidth account before you can do this.) They can be as detailed or as vague as you like, but we would really like it if they include at least the three things that we asked for: Neurotype, Phenotype, and starting skills. That's who they are on the inside, what they look like on the outside, and the top three things they are good at. Describing your character's goals is optional, but recommended.

This recruiting thread will be open for roughly a week and a half, until Saturday, August 22. Let us know if you have any questions.

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