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jewelfox: A portrait of a female anthropomorphic fox, with a pink jewelled pendant and a cute overbite. (tarynsmile)

Jewelfox | 稲荷大神 の 狐

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Name| Taryn

Pronouns| She/her

Height| 5'5 or 165 cm

Weight| Secret desu


Creative | Sensitive | Friendly | Shy | Open | Deep | Intense | Spiritual | Passionate about causes

We care deeply and openly about cute stories and characters, queer and women creators, and creative expression as a way of coping with marginalization or loss. We believe everyone has the right to a personal mythology that helps them make sense of theirself and the world. We believe in learning the words people use to describe themselves, and in believing them when they talk about their experiences. We believe in love and kindness, cuteness and radical vulnerability, and we believe in you.


Anxious | Autistic | Depressed | Traumatized | Transgender | Pansexual | Polyamorous | Plurality | Median | Therian | Otherkin | Fictive | Animist | Inari worshiper

We have lived through things no one should. We have found love and kindness in places we didn't expect. We believe that you deserve to decide how you see yourself, and what is important to you. We believe you don't have to be useful to others in order to be valuable. We believe that your happiness and fulfillment are not more important than other people's safety. But we believe that they are more important than other people's comfort.

|| SYSTEM ||

Kitsune | Gem | Eldritch Horror

Taryn is the shy, friendly face of the system, who loves explaining new things to people. Her voice is excited and embarrassed, jumping between ideas and connecting them rapid-fire, then apologizing for an innuendo you hadn't recognized until she pointed it out. She is represented by a magical fox, with nine tails and with a shining jewel around her neck.

Claire is fragile and passionate, reliving her worst memories through essays and stories until they no longer have power to hurt her. Her voice is sardonic but kind, unless she's confronting someone who harms innocents. She is represented by Lapis Lazuli; a refugee, artist, and trauma victim from the Steven Universe TV series, who is actually a teardrop-shaped gemstone with a body made of light.

Rei is detached from her body and feelings, and is hard to break, distract, or understand. Her voice is precise, monotone, and seemingly emotionless, but her dry humour may catch you off-guard. She is represented by the most horrific parts of the Neon Genesis Evangelion films, like weaponized clones of an autistic girl, biotechnological nightmares, and crystals with cores made of blood.

The three of us can fuse in different combinations. The fusion of all three is Kaminari, a fox demigoddess with unshakable self-confidence.

|| LIKES ||

Cute things
Anime and manga
Foxes and rice
Visual novels
Personal stories
Painting miniatures
Writing fanfiction
Reading Gem smut
Cute queer stories
Women creators
Your Mary Sue


Hatred and bigotry
Lazy edgelords
Gatekeeping nerds
Gamer culture
Internet atheists
Religious supremacists
Everyone in her family of origin
Your desire to live in a world where she doesn't exist


[ profile] alias-pseudonym, aka [personal profile] aliaspseudonym, is our wonderful partner.
[personal profile] chozomind is our roommate and honourary family member.
[ profile] thatnerdlord and [ profile] blankselfportrait are our siblings.

Basically everyone that we follow on Dreamwidth is a friend or close friend to us.

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