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SA has been hitting it out of the park lately, with its Onion-esque takes on current events. Check these out if you need to laugh in order to keep from crying!

(Content note: Refers to, and skewers the subjects of, recent depressing news stories that you may not want to be reminded of.)

A Treatise on Gender by Todd from Accounts Payable

I base my findings on several peer-reviewed studies written by some of the top Redditors out there. The truth is, biologically, there are certain things women are better at, and even though they don't make money and can easily be performed by simple machines, these tasks are much better suited to the female brain. Women do not excel when placed in the high-stakes and competitive world of business, and have problems paying attention during prolonged conversations, like when you're trying to explain the nuanced differences between the different Doctors in Doctor Who. (Which I will no longer be watching as women are also biologically unfit to be timelords.)

How Will Children Understand WWII Without America's Hitler Statues?

Toppling those bronze Führers is no different than the Taliban smashing up a Buddha or ISIS using dynamite to blow up something. I can't remember what it was they blew up because the statues no longer exist. Soon, I won't be able to remember Hitler.

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