Date: 2017-08-09 03:50 am (UTC)
Apologies for the delay, there's a bunch of Stuff going on and I was also dithering around trying to think of how best to describe this. I'm not familiar with enough sewing terms I think!^^:

I'd say it comes down to two factors: cut/style and fabric.

Fabric: Many of the shirts that work well for me, say they are a blend of polyester and a tiny bit of spandex. They fit at my waist, but don't cling to everything. This should help with belly visibility issues at least some. To avoid cling and emphasizing things you don't want to, avoid spandex/rayon blends.

Cut: Not a fan of this colour scheme for myself, but this is a pic of the sort of shirt I find shows off the waist in a good way:|BS|BA%26slotId%3D165 It has ruching at side that helps bring it in (that gathered section you can see better in the close up). So that'd be something you might look for. I have a fair few shirts of that style and really like them.

Princess seams are another thing to look for that brings things in to one's figure: If you don't get clingy fabrics, you can still do well even if you want to avoid highlighting the belly area. Princess seaming, I think by the nature of it, is generally going to show up on less clingy fabric anyway.

Some examples of dolman sleeves: I've found that, depending on the overall shirt, they seem to 'blend' my shoulders into the rest of my body a little better.

I personally tend to avoid cap sleeves (e.g. ) because of how broad my shoulders are.

Women's button down shirts can be an issue for broad shoulders in many cases, since they tend to be pretty tailored and the fabric is often stiffer types. I always make sure I can lift my arms comfortably and that the shirt isn't pulling apart between the buttons when I did so. If it gapes there, the shirt doesn't fit.

I hope at least some of that helps!
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