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It's the visual novel / JRPG that we linked to, in the post on the historical foxwoman experience. You can watch us on Twitch, this Monday at 7 PM Central time.

We've already cleared Tamamo's route, so we're streaming New Game+ with a different Legendary Soul, an imperious swordswoman in a red dress. Who was she when she was alive? Who knows! The Fate series likes to genderbend, so that alone doesn't narrow it down.

SYNOPSIS: Fate/Stay Night meets Danganronpa in The Matrix

Released in 2010 on the PSP, Fate/EXTRA is an AU of the anime Fate/Stay Night, which was about modern-day magi who summon historical figures as Servants to fight in an underground war for the wish-granting Holy Grail.

Fate/EXTRA transports this conflict into a Matrix-style virtual reality system called the SE.RA.PH, or Serial Phantasm, which simulates a Japanese high school. Its "magus-level hackers" learn all they can about the enemy they're paired with by day, and train in a Tron-style arena by night, honing their skills so that they'll be ready for the Elimination Battle at week's end. Each week, the number of combatants is halved, and the winners have the dubious privilege of watching their opponents be deleted.

Click here if you can't see the trailer.

Our heroine, Inoue Kaminari, barely squeaked through the preliminaries. But she can't remember why she's here in the first place, or why the Holy Grail was so damn important to her. Will she regain her memories? Or will she and her Saber-class Servant die horribly? Let's find out!


May contain fanservice, bisexual flirting, existential horror, and brutal emotional violence. Also, we swear sometimes and cough a lot.

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