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It's an enchanting game where you explore a wondrous land ... that has monsters coded as "tribal" and "indigenous" in the way they dress and build dwellings.

You run up and hack them to pieces, then eat them and make their remains into potions and gear.

Don't get me wrong, Zelda games have always had problematic stuff in them. Like the Gerudo. But like, the main "generic enemies" throughout most of the series, the Moblins, are portrayed as fully-sapient professional soldiers. Sometimes silly ones, as in Wind Waker, but soldiers nonetheless, who are part of an occupying army. And who are moral actors capable of making their own choices, like the ones in the original Legend of Zelda who aid Link in secret.

Is no one else bothered by this? ^^;;;; Because it looks like a gorgeous game, but I really can't get past this, and it seems like no one I follow has even noticed. If they talk about the indigenous-coded monsters at all, it's to say how the game lets you kill them in creative ways.

... on the plus side, it did give us shirtless Link.

Date: 2017-03-13 09:53 pm (UTC)
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Ohhh dear. D:
I haven't hit that scene yet, but it's good to have the heads up.

Also, I can't disagree. xD; The Sheikah armor's pretty flattering, too. I changed the dye style on mine, because in the default coloration, I keep seeing Link and thinking "Sheikh is over there!!1!" and sadly, no.

Yes, they really do use meta-game knowledge against the player. There's a location in Zora's Domain named after Mikau - who was the Zora guitarist in Majora's Mask. I got all AWWWW about that, because Majora's Mask is a major hit to the feels, and Mikau's arc got me particularly hard.

There's also locations named for Ruto, the Zora princess from Ocarina of Time. (It's worth pointing out that those are in different canonical timelines, and the arguments over which timeline BOTW belongs in are pretty amusing.)

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