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Trigger Warning: Talk of suicide, and an actual call to physical violence.

I see democrats in Virginia asking for donations for a GOP office that has been vandalized. Meanwhile, suicide hotlines are overwhelmed with calls. Where are the democrats asking for donations for them? I see people saying protesters are being sore losers. Sore losers? We have lost actual lights in this world, lives that were so worth living, so worth saving.


The truth is that it doesn’t matter what Trump does going forward. The hateful campaign of his was such a threat, such a great evil, that it has a body count. We have lost people to this. It doesn’t matter what kind of president he is, because we have already lost people to this. What right does the world have to not be burning and broken without them in it?

I need this campaign to be held accountable for the people it has threatened, harassed, bullied, and in some cases, driven to suicide. I need them held accountable for the blood on their hands. I cannot give them a chance. I cannot abide. I cannot be okay. People keep trying to assure me that this is not normal, but I’m scared that they don’t see that it has become normal, and that there are people, right now, right this very second who are afraid, who are thinking of ending their lives, who don’t know what to do because they have come to expect this kind of pain and abuse and marginalization, and they are hanging by a very thin thread.

And I need you, the reader, you here who have been telling us all not to unfriend people who voted for him, who have been saying protesters shouldn’t take bridges and streets and shut them down, who have been saying people are overreacting, and being sore losers, and having tantrums, I need you to know that I want every window smashed, every car on fire, every powerful, rich, white, cis person who voted for him wailing in terror until they pay for those they pushed over the edge and into darkness, the ones they took away from the world, the gentle lights that couldn’t stand it anymore.

-- Kiva Bay, On Giving Trump a Chance: An open letter to my fellow white, cisgender liberals. Emphasis added, URL shortener used because Medium URLs play havoc with Dreamwidth Markdown.

I'm not planning on dying anytime soon. But I would like to have an AR app, which lets me see the blood on everyone's hands. It's always been there, but there is more than usual lately.

EDIT: I do not think the person who wrote this essay meant to chastise our friends here on Dreamwidth. It looks like a wake up call for the unaware and uncaring.

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