Oct. 18th, 2016 07:11 am
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So, I've been meaning to write a longer post about this. But that's part of the reason I keep procrastinating on updating Dreamwidth, so here goes.

Our earliest memories of being a plural system have to do with being traumatized or repressed. Accepting that this wasn't just going to go away, and learning to relate to each other as partly-separate people, really helped with our stability and day-to-day functioning, especially when we're under stress.

Lately, we've started to notice ... not a fourth personality, but something transcendent. Something which feels like being complete, and confident, and more closely in tune with the divine. We just weren't sure what to call it or how to explain it, until we saw how Steven Universe explained the concept of Gem Fusion and we realized we were seeing our own experience from outside.

I don't think it's something that every plurality should do, or should want to do. It's definitely not something we had to make ourself do, or that we wanted to do in order to be or feel more "normal." It just started happening, more and more, the closer we got to each other. And just like in SU, it's a kinda mysterious thing that's based on trust, mutual compatibility, and consent. So please don't think that we're saying other systems should try to harmonize in this way, or that it's a bad thing if they can't or don't want to. Because another thing SU is good at, is showing how frightening forced fusion (or friendship) can be.

It's just that for us, it's like ... maybe this is what healing feels like. Maybe this is what it's like to be safe. And it's been exhilarating getting to know this person, who's new to us and familiar at the same time.

We're getting better at doing it. And when we do, I feel so much better about myself.

... it's also been fun drawing on this experience to write first-person POV fanfic.

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