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The fanfic is Diamond in the Sky (NSFW for mature themes), but it's not related to the Dead Space crossover from earlier! It's actually the next part of the Pearlapis fic series, this time a bit action-y as well as emotional, and it marks a breakthrough in their relationship. It also features illustrations by my partner [ profile] spinecrawlerrush, of course, and you'll definitely want to see the concept art for this one. <3

Meanwhile, in the world of miniatures gaming we've been sidelining and selling off our 40k and Warmahordes things, to make room for the extremely cute Endless Fantasy Tactics and Kami Tale miniatures lines!

A variety of multicoloured resin figures that look like anime characters, mounted on one inch square bases. They stand about four centimetres high at the tallest, and include a wizard, an archer, a woman wearing a fox mask on the side of her head and casually carrying a gigantic sword behind her, and two gels with adventuring accessories.

EFT's Gels are pure win. And so is Chain.

An unpainted metal miniature from the Kami Tale line by Zombie smith. It looks like a robot the size of a car, with motorcycle wheels and an enormous mace in one hand. Its pilot is a hobbit sized anthropomorphic rabbit, who is wearing goggles as well as a flower in her hair, and is pointing brashly in the direction of something that needs to be smashed.

"I am the oncoming storm! BWA HA HA HA HA!!!"

Finally, check out this interview with Emily Whitehouse on PinkFae! It's a trans-inclusive games website, and the co-designer of Endless Fantasy Tactics has a story our readers may find interesting. ^^

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