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Okay, so last night we kind of had a meltdown over stuff on Twitter. >_>; We've deleted our account, since it didn't seem to be doing anyone any good.

On the plus side, we lined up all our Warhammer 40,000 Tau models and took a picture of them. Here it is, in case anyone wanted to see:

A photo of dozens of tiny space infantry models, vehicles, and mecha, somewhat carefully arranged on a table. About half of them are painted green.

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As you can see, about half of it's painted and usable (although still not based). Those models we collected slowly and painstakingly, or were given as gifts. The XV8s in the lower-left even have all of their weapon / support system options magnetized.

Then Infiltration Cadre: Burning Dawn and Start Collecting: Tau Empire both came out in short succession, and our collection was suddenly doubled. ^^; We've finally gotten everything assembled, though ... just in time to start questioning whether or not it's worth it to keep playing this game.

There are people who genuinely hate Tau models and players. And while at first we thought it was silly for people like white supremacists to like 40k's dystopian setting, we have to admit, Games Workshop does little to make them feel unwelcome. :\ It's sort of like channer culture; everyone thinks that everyone else shares their perfectly reasonable prejudices, and that the ones who say really questionable things are just trolling.

Anyway ... we're looking into broadening our gaming horizons, with more accessible minis games like Endless Fantasy Tactics and Frostgrave. [ profile] spinecrawlerrush is coming over in just a couple of days (!!!), so hopefully we'll get a chance to try them out.

And cheer up a bit.

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