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Read all about it. Er, I mean, read all about the dystopian nightmare that Utah has become:

Content note for implied sexual violence.

August 4, 2014:

The streets of Salt Lake lie in shambles. A thin layer of ash covers the landscape. The sun is blotted by the haze in the air. Vultures circle overhead. From the crumbled ruins of the State Capital, the entire valley can barely be seen through the smoke.

A young man peeks out from the sewer drain and examines the street. It seems clear. He climbs out and helps a young girl out up onto the pavement. He holds her hand as they walk briskly, desperately trying to find a suitable shelter before night falls. Night... he must get indoors.

As the sun falls they find an apartment building. As he tries to pry the entry way open the couple hears the shuffling of feet behind them. He tries to hurry but he is too late.

"Oh, what do we have here, boys?" a voice asks. The couple turns around, confronted by a group of men, alternately dressed in rainbow-colored tuxedos and pearl-white wedding dresses.

"Ahhhh... some more of those pesky hetero-freaks, I see. GET EM, BOYS."

The couple is beaten, and dragged across the street into a windowless van. I never saw what happened in that van, but I will never forget the screams.

[personal profile] rev_yurodivy's response on Skype: "Shhh, keep it down, we can't let them know our plans for the future."

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