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This essay is part of a series based on Meirya's 30 Days of Otherkin Challenge. These essays describe what it's like for Jewelfox to be otherkin. If you don't know what otherkin are, please read Jewelfox's Otherkin FAQ.

Because [personal profile] jewelfox is a plural system, each member will answer each question for herself.

4. What identities do you have in addition to being otherkin?

Taryn: Um, well ...

Claire: "Otherkin" itself is sort of a catch-all, blanket term for a whole bunch of other identities. At least, that's how we've been using it. Like, I'm fictive and therian; Rei's fictive; Taryn's arguably therian but more of a "spiritual" fox than a "physical" one if you ask her about it.

Taryn: They did. >_<

Claire: Besides that, we're autistic, transgender, a plural system, nominally part of the furry fandom, and enthusiastic about a bunch of different games and technologies.

Rei: I like Final Fantasy better than Evangelion.

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