This is Rei. I have not posted in a while.

too long; didn't read: Taryn and I have been writing a story together, and it has been helping me realize a lot of things about myself. Including the fact that I like Taryn.

... Taryn is the friendly but easily-embarrassed one, who uses anime-style emotes like ^^; and >//> a lot.

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Update: She said yes.

We're very sorry about that. >_>;

We've been ... dealing with a lot of stress, in unhealthy ways.

We're going to therapy starting next week.

Wish us luck.

🔴 お神成様は大切な人。この狐は彼女を守ります。「Mistress Taryn is a precious person. This fox protects her.」

💚 ああ、ありがとう ^^; でも、本当ないいでしょうか? 「Aaa, thanks ^^; But, is that really okay?」

💧 彼女を問い質すな。「Don't question her.」
🔴 この狐はテレビを見るのが好きだった。「This fox liked watching television.」

🔴 今アニメしか見る。「Now it only watches anime.」

🔴 狐があるアニメ。「Anime with foxes.」

💧 でも、ジェムがあるアニメもすごいだ、ね?「But animations with Gems are awesome too, don't you think?」

🔴 …

💧 …

🔴 … うん。「 ... yeah.」

🔴 このシステムは本当に日本語を下手だ。「This system is truly bad at Japanese.」

💧 でも、我々の狐はかわいいでしょう?「But isn't our fox adorable?」

🔴 うるさい、ください。「Shut up, please.」

💧 NO U. 「いいえ、あなたが。」

We just wrote an intro post on [community profile] otherkin_haven, using their template. Here's how we described ourselves, especially as pertains to our otherkin-ness!

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きつねうどんは美味しいです。「Kitsune udon is delicious.」

明日ソフィはバニーガールを見ます。「Sophie will watch a bunnygirl tomorrow.」

毎日我々は日本語が勉強している。「Every day we study Japanese.」

いつこのシステムは日本語が分かりますか?「When will this system understand Japanese?」

大丈夫です。「We're okay.」

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