So, I actually write a lot in my journal lately. It's just offline, using the Day One app. Then I share it with Sophie and Winter if I feel like it. Somehow it's freeing that way.

Should I try sharing some of it here? I warn you, half of it's weird identity stuff and half of it's ranting about technology. Although I guess that's nothing new to anyone who follows this journal.

This isn't about what it seems. It is an explanation for why we disappeared last year, after writing cryptic and depressing entries that tapered off into nothing. Trigger warnings for transphobia and racism.

💚 Kaminari・神成・かみなり (formerly Taryn, literally Inari)
💧 Claire・エクレア (literally Lapis fucking Lazuli)
🔴 Reiko・玲好・れいこ (formerly Rei, literally a fox)

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This is Rei. I have not posted in a while.

too long; didn't read: Taryn and I have been writing a story together, and it has been helping me realize a lot of things about myself. Including the fact that I like Taryn.

... Taryn is the friendly but easily-embarrassed one, who uses anime-style emotes like ^^; and >//> a lot.

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Update: She said yes.

We're very sorry about that. >_>;

We've been ... dealing with a lot of stress, in unhealthy ways.

We're going to therapy starting next week.

Wish us luck.

🔴 お神成様は大切な人。この狐は彼女を守ります。「Mistress Taryn is a precious person. This fox protects her.」

💚 ああ、ありがとう ^^; でも、本当ないいでしょうか? 「Aaa, thanks ^^; But, is that really okay?」

💧 彼女を問い質すな。「Don't question her.」
🔴 この狐はテレビを見るのが好きだった。「This fox liked watching television.」

🔴 今アニメしか見る。「Now it only watches anime.」

🔴 狐があるアニメ。「Anime with foxes.」

💧 でも、ジェムがあるアニメもすごいだ、ね?「But animations with Gems are awesome too, don't you think?」

🔴 …

💧 …

🔴 … うん。「 ... yeah.」

🔴 このシステムは本当に日本語を下手だ。「This system is truly bad at Japanese.」

💧 でも、我々の狐はかわいいでしょう?「But isn't our fox adorable?」

🔴 うるさい、ください。「Shut up, please.」

💧 NO U. 「いいえ、あなたが。」

We just wrote an intro post on [community profile] otherkin_haven, using their template. Here's how we described ourselves, especially as pertains to our otherkin-ness!

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