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In case you missed [personal profile] rev_yurodivy's last worldbuilding post, in which they described some of the deities in our world, they just wrote a new (much shorter) post in which they give ideas for how to make your own deity that fits into this world.

The main thing I'd like to add is that in the place that our campaign takes place -- a forested valley on the far side of the human lands from the lions -- most of the conflicts mentioned happened long ago and/or someplace else. This is more or less a quiet part of the world, where deities like [profile] redsixwings' badger god(dess) can find safe places for their followers. That's not to say that other powers can't encroach or new ones can't arise, though; [personal profile] avia's Church of Flight is one of the many new religions starting, and her character has already become a prophetess for it.

The humans and lions, of course, have much more simplistic views of the religious landscape.

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