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This is the Phoenix-class heavy myrmidon we just finished constructing, next to the box for reference. With its completion, we now have the minimum two heavies to run Kaelyssa's Force Wall theme list.

A gray plastic model of a robot or walking statue, carrying a sword. It is standing next to a box which shows it painted in cream-white and steel.

In the background, you can see plastic hell the squad of Tau Pathfinders we still have to work on. It took half of forever last time, and we aren't really looking forward to it again. Once we're finished, though, we should have enough Pathfinders / markerlights for any list or formation that we want to run.

... I haven't posted pics of the last squad, have I? Maybe in tomorrow's entry.

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I used some of the money from eBay-ing my old laptop to pick up a relatively expensive model kit that I felt was worth it: the Arcantrik Force Generator.

A photo of an unpainted resin model, the Arcantrik Force Generator from the Warmachine miniatures game. Its sleek chassis and spindly, upwards-pointing legs make it look like a cross between a hovertank, a space fighter, and Lavos from Chrono Trigger.

This is the model that made me want to get into playing Retribution of Scyrah, in the Warmachine miniatures game, when I first saw it. Everything else was, like, steampunk robots and tesla coil knights, which is admittedly awesome but is not really my cup of tea. This, on the other hand, looked so pristine and otherworldly that one could hardly tell that it was an artillery piece.

I was spellbound.

A photo of the unpainted Arcantrik Force Generator model next to the box that it came in, which shows it painted in a bright white and teal colour scheme.

I'm looking forward to painting this thing. ^^; I also got it at a large discount on Amazon (although I'm picking up the book that has rules for Battle Engines at the local games store), and I was going to use the three arcane technician models that came with it as proxies for additional Arcanists. I'm running the Force Wall theme list, and it uses a ton of those.

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Eight gun drones and twelve Fire Warriors, with their basecoats fully painted. I’m not brave enough to attempt washes or drybrushing highlights yet.

Jewelfox's squads of Tau minis, lined up on her table.

That's twenty models, if you're counting.

Painting details

The colour scheme was inspired by N’dras sept’s. Specific colours used are a mix of roughly 3-4 parts Gnarls Green with 1 part Arcane Blue, similar proportions of Ironhull Gray with Thamar Black, and then the Fire Warriors’ equipment was done in Ironhull Gray mixed with Coal Black.

(EDIT: After trying to replicate this on our Pathfinders, I'm pretty sure the equipment is also Ironhull Gray mixed with Thamar Black. Coal Black is more like a really dark blue, it turns out.)

Accent colours are Arcane Blue, Rhulic Gold, and Thamar Black on its own, with Arcane Blue, Murderous Magenta, and Necrotite Green used on the hilts of the ta’lissera ritual knives of the three in the back to distinguish them. All paints were from the Formula P3 line.

Gameplay details

The three with the coloured blade hilts are going to be my specialists, if I ever play Kill Team with them. The two with the black shoulder pads and handheld scanners are the squad leaders, although I will normally be playing them as a single squad so I’ll probably use the one that’s standing up as the leader. One of the gun drones has black primer all over its base because I glued it on before priming it, and I’ve used it as a specialist in a Crisis suit Kill Team list.


A close-up of a Tau gun drone, painted green and gray.

The gun drones sound just like Portal turrets, in my headcanon.

A close-up of a Tau Fire Warrior, painted forest green and gray with gold accents

I find them more endearing with their helmets on, somehow.

What’s next?

Painting and magnetizing those Crisis battlesuits, and painting the Devilfish troop transport. After that I'll have a complete 500 point force that I painted myself. ^^; And yes, we’ll upload pictures.

I’m bringing mom’s Kroot to the game on Tuesday, though. You need two Troop choices for a battle-forged list, and I’d rather not split the Fire Warriors into two tiny squads because reasons.

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Remember the mech on the cover of the Tau codex? We got a boxed set of three of them several months ago, and have finally managed to assemble our first one!

A gray plastic model of a mecha, about 10 centimetres tall, standing on top of a six-sided dice cube.

"Oh, I'm sorry ... is the camera already on?"

I love how the tiny head and the little folded-back antennae make XV8s look. Isn't it cute? Sort of like the Games Workshop dice cube and all the little d6es in it are. ^^;

Anyway, we still need to assemble the other two, clean and trim all the weapons and support systems, then prime All The Things for painting and magnetize them so we can swap out the add-on gear.

There's a lot of other stuff that's been going on that we wanted to write about, but we just thought we would post this first. ^^; We also modified our sidebar text, uploaded our CSS tweaks to Microsoft's code-hosting site, and have been trying to figure out a perplexing mobile layout bug in our website's theme.

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It's a great name for a metal band. And they are, in fact, metal.

A photo of four metal miniatures of winged female characters, from the Warmachine miniatures game. In the background are indistinct metal pieces and black tools.

Aurora's the one with the bigger wings, on the left.

These are some of the Convergence of Cyriss models I've been putting together for [personal profile] burning_ground. In the background, you can see some of the pieces for the other squad of Clockwork Angels I still need to work on, along with some of the tools that I'm using to work on them (and a mechanical pencil that snuck in there somehow).

These models have been unusually difficult (even demoralizing) to clean and assemble, with spiky bits going every which way and incredibly tiny surface areas to glue together. I think we're learning from this project, though. For instance: It seemed like using more glue would make two parts stick together more securely, but it actually just seems to make them take longer to dry.

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Mythic is a roleplaying game, or a game about taking on the role of a character. The character you play as in Mythic is a creature of legend, from Chinese dragons to Biblical seraphim. You can choose pretty much any kind to play as, and you can make your character's abilities true to historical lore or base them on movie or video game characters.

In order to use your mythical powers, you need to draw on sources of Faith, which can be anything that affirms or is part of your Mythos -- a set of beliefs about how the world works, which all of your powers are based on. A fey creature might commune with a sacred forest, for instance, while a guardian angel draws strength from the prayers of a child. Meanwhile, a woman with "fake" fox ears and a tail might carry a mysterious jewel at all times.

The one thing that all Mythic characters have in common is that they appear to be fully human (or object, or animal). Some of them actually are human, at least some of the time. But whatever you normally look like, through an act of will you can manifest your true nature for a short time, inspiring awe and leaving no doubt as to what you actually are ... at least, to anyone familiar with the stories that make up your mythos. It's up to you what this looks and sounds like, from the infernal heat and damned wailing that heralds a demon's ascent to the shredded clothes and ear-splitting howl of a werewolf's transformation.

While your nature is manifest, you can use your powers without spending faith, and you can draw on an additional reservoir of power to do things no ordinary person can. But the more you draw on it, the worse the consequences are for you and the people around you. You may become a "corrupted" version of yourself, accidentally kill or injure a person you care about, or even break the foundations of reality.

Read more... )

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Here’s what we’ve gotten trimmed and assembled so far, for our budding Tau Empire battlegroup:

Nearly two dozen small, infantry-sized miniatures on display. Each one has a base the size of a coin.

That’s about 300 points worth of models,* in two squads of six Fire Warriors each, ten gun drones (which we can use as their own squad or attach to regular units), and one Ethereal, which our mom [personal profile] burning_ground sent to us. Apparently she assembled and painted a lot of Tau and Kroot models herself, back in the day, but never got a chance to use them!

(You should see her Shadow-Samus conversion. Pics will be forthcoming eventually.)

These Fire Warriors were kind of an epic undertaking, as you can see from the instruction sheet beneath this one.

A closeup of one of the Fire Warrior models from the first photograph. It is crouching on top of a sheet of paper with instructions for building one on it. The instructions list about eight pieces for each model.

When we got a box of House Shyeel Battle Mages for our Ret list in Warmachine, we got half a dozen metal models which were fully- or almost fully-assembled. Here, we got like a half-dozen “sprues,” which are the frameworks the raw plastic parts are still attached to. It took us weeks just to clip off the pieces we wanted to use, trim the mould lines off of those, and then glue all the pieces together.

Our next project is going to be a Devilfish, which is like a combination hovertank and ground transport and is about the size of one of those squads of six soldiers. It’s so neat -- the hatch in back opens and closes and there are benches inside, and you can attach two gun drones to its wings or detach them as needed. We’re excited to work on it!

We also have yet another secret project coming up after that, involving some winged Warmachine models that mom bought to get into that game …

* A typical game of Warhammer 40,000 is played at around 1500 points. I am not going to be playing a typical game anytime soon.

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These cute little kor'vesa, or gun drones in gue'la speak, are our first legit "unit" of troops for the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game hobby. We could actually play a game using just them if we wanted, although it would be ill-advised. ^^;

A photo of four models of Frisbee-like, hovering robots with antennae on top and twin guns beneath, mounted on clear plastic pegs. Next to them is a small book labeled 'Codex: Tau Empire,' with a painting on it of an anime mecha shooting at something off-camera. In the grim darkness of the far future, it's hard to take well-lit photos.

"40k" is perhaps best known for its "grimdark" aesthetic, as exemplified by the fascist religious fanatics of the Imperium of Man and their space marines' skull-tastic Bling of War. The Tau, on the other hand, are known for their anime battlesuits, as pictured here on their "codex." They're also the most co-operative and least xenophobic faction in the game, and allow you to field units composed of members of two separate allied species.

These models are a side project we're working on just for us, in between painting and assembling models for our family members (the Circle Orboros models now belong to [personal profile] rev_yurodivy). We've wanted our own anime mecha for quite some time now. ^^; Here's hoping we get them assembled properly!

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We just finished assembling the unit of Blighted Ogrun Warspears, for the Legion of Everblight half of the Hordes 2-player box. Lylyth and the Shredders (great name for a rock band BTW) are already finished, which leaves only the Carnivean heavy warbeast to trim and assemble.

It's about a third of the kit by volume, though, so that might take awhile. >_o

Afterwards, we have a surprise project to work on for yet another miniatures game ... although it may not be a surprise to some of you!

A photo of the corner of Jewelfox's small work table, where five models of fearsome-looking Ogrun are waving spears around menacingly.

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