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This is a phrase I hear a lot in exmormon circles. The idea is something like
They think you're a worthless sinner now, and that you're going to go all out on hookers and booze now that you've left the church. Prove them wrong! Keep being the awesome successful person you are, except now without Mormonism to hold you back. Show them you're just as nice and caring as you ever were, and make their brains break when they see how you're doing and realize the other shoe may never drop.
Closely related is the idea that Mormonism itself is somehow good. That yes, it's a manipulative cult, but that it "teaches good principles," and that "clean living" has value. The people who hold this idea, like Mormon Stories founder John Dehlin, genuinely love and cherish Mormon culture to some degree. They just wish the Mormon church hadn't lied to them and hurt people they care about.

I'm not so sure you can separate the two, though.

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Just because there are a lot of things on my mind after today's outing. This one is locked because it discusses people I met, not naming names but enough that I'd be nervous if there was a chance they could read it. It has two separate topics, so I'm putting them behind two separate cut tags.

Trigger warning for discussion of physical violence and suicidal ideation, neither of which happened in today's trip but both of which I am remembering.

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Thank you to all of you who've contacted me after that last essay. I'm sorry for not getting back to you yet; today has been very exhausting. I promise that I'll reply soon. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, or me or of Yuro (especially about costuming; they love this work). Also, [personal profile] rev_yurodivy wrote about their take of what it means to be angelkin, if any otherkin are interested.

Finally, I spent awhile thinking about my visit to the LGBT center and how probably snobby I was, because I was raised to think I was better than anyone else and I'm especially standoffish when I'm scared. And thinking about that and my reactions to being there, and how terrifying it all was and oh Goddess I don't want to go through this.

Then I looked in the mirror and thought I looked especially feminine, between a tighter-than-usual outfit and the way that my hair framed my face. And I was just speechless. Both at the sight, and at how it made me feel.
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He's really into the whole spirituality thing, especially as it concerns contacting gods, spirits, and other related entities. And I've been meaning to write about my relationship with Inari anyhow, seeing as how she's kind of been there for me my whole life and made a lot of things possible for me.

I want to warn people up front, though, this is probably going to delve a little into squicky stuff and abuse. More offensive to some, I'm sure, is going to be the sheer level of fluffy special snowflakeness. I'm frankly nervous to write about it, because I feel like my relationship to Inari is very unusual and is not an "okay" kind of relationship to have. I feel like it's delusional and egotistical for me to believe these things, and like somebody needs to call me on it. I guess all I can do is describe my experiences, and see how people react.

Trigger warning for discussion of suicide, abuse, and non-explicit sexuality.

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Even though my last entry used a Religion: Atheism tag. (I also have a Sexuality: Asexuality tag.)

It's a fundamentalist ideology that defines the nature of God, prescribes how people should(n't) relate to Her, and teaches that people who disagree are dangerous. It elevates its own Unverified Personal Gnosis to the status of fact, using it to shut down everyone else's UPG and making "I know" statements about it, Mormon testimony-bearing style.

It's blatantly, painfully sexist, and it reveres its leading figures while simultaneously erasing all discussion of their misogyny. It's also highly evangelistic, and considers the attraction of converts -- and the annihilation of all other competing belief systems -- to be a priority.

But it's not a religion, because it doesn't believe in a god or teach mysticism.

(Note to atheist commenters: Go ahead and say "I'm not like that," because I'll believe you. Don't say "Atheists aren't like that," though, unless you are prepared to show places where the mainstream atheist community excluded people for doing any of the things I describe.)

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