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I've decided I'm getting rid of my tablet. Instead, I want one which is optimized for entertainment. And which has a catchy name, like the IdeaTab whatever-it-is.

Too long have I used tablets which are unoptimized, and hence unentertaining. No more! From this day forward, I will only use the optimal gadgets for each situation. Maybe I can even find one that will leverage the synergies of our paradigm.

(Claire: Would that be Synergist or Saboteur?)

And as a mobile user, I demand robust entertainment features and connectivity options! My tablet must not merely have Bluetooth and a Tegra 3 processor. Its features must be ROBUST, like a deep-voiced narrator, with a rolled 'r' and a rrrich accent. Or like Campbell's chunky soup.

YES! I want an entertainment-enhanced tablet! Enhance my entertainment, please! I'll just be tapping the coloured lights on the screen trying to get it to entertain me until you do.


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