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So if you don't get a reply on Dreamwidth or elsewhere, that might be why! Guess I'll have to keep hitting F5 on my DW inbox.

It's related to the web hosting problem from earlier. Apparently, my web host shut down on short notice, and informed me at an email address which I rarely check and didn't realize they had. I am now trying to transfer domains and get Google Apps set up for

Once I get everything set back up, I'm probably just going to use Dreamwidth for my journal, and create a writing portfolio site using nanoc. It's a Ruby command line tool that a lot of people use for blogging, because it's just plain a lot simpler than WordPress for those of us who are familiar with the terminal.

Just as an example, I wanted to eventually create a button I can press that would convert my stories to a format suitable for posting on DA or FA, but in WordPress I'd have to write a whole plugin for that and somehow fit it into their Jenga tower of code. With nanoc it's apparently really simple to create a new filter and have it just automatically create those versions for copy-and-pasting. I feel like, why did no one tell me that this existed? >_< All those hours I spent doing find-and-replace ...

Anyway. I'll update once things are fixed, I guess. Wish me luck!

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