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That's the most commonly rendered version of Google's motto, which most people invoke ironically these days as they point out the latest evil thing Google did. But you can do a lot of evil stuff without ever seeing yourself as evil. And if you're measuring how good you are by how evil someone else is, you get to be one of those people who wants a cookie for not being as terrible as someone else.

I personally feel that if you are alive, then you deserve to be alive, by default and until proven otherwise. I believe that "kindness is goodness;" that you are a good person just for being the kind of person you are, and that if anyone says otherwise or tries to prevent you from being yourself then they are being unkind to you.

I believe that some people are damaged, disabled, marginalized, or ill. I believe they deserve to exist, and to participate fully in society. I think it is the responsibility of abled people to accommodate them. I believe in solidarity with these people, and in giving up privilege or inconveniencing myself in order to keep them from having to do without things that they need or that I take for granted. I believe this is best done not through individual acts, but as a society, so that the responsibility is spread out and so that they do not need to beg.

I believe that some people are dangerous, including (but not limited to) carnivores, narcissists, and white European Americans. I don't believe that being dangerous means that a person is evil or must be destroyed. I believe there are ways to coexist, that do not have to involve harming innocents. But I believe that the burden is on the most dangerous people to find those ways, not on their victims. And I sympathize with those who resist them.

I believe that Chaotic Neutral is the best D&D alignment, because I feel it encompasses (or can encompass) all of the above. I believe you don't have to be "good" to be kind to others and empathize with them. I believe that the concept of "good" is overrated, and is often used to cover for dangerous people's actions, or to condemn those who resist them as "evil."

If "good" exists objectively, it is willing self-sacrifice on behalf of another. I don't feel that it's needed in order to be kind to others, because I feel that most people are naturally kind (or at least not dangerous) so long as their needs are met. But I do feel that kindness -- both in the sense of being yourself, and respecting the rights of others to do the same -- is a prerequisite for the kind of self-sacrifice that is helpful.

Otherwise, you end up seeing self-sacrifice as good in and of itself. You don't trust people who don't give up enough of themselves for "the greater good." And you give your all for other people, who you then expect to do the same for others, until there's no kindness left in the universe because everyone's trying so hard to be "good."

Or at least, to appear good. Which is much easier.

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Note: This story is a sequel to Predator < Prey, but you don't have to read it first if you don't want to.

I started writing it in our head without realizing it, after finishing that last essay, and had to get it out in words quickly. [personal profile] citrakayah's story will come next, since [personal profile] cereus is not responding, and the first part should be done this week although it may not be shown here until it is finished.

Content note: Graphic violence and death, predation, ablism, speciesism, poverty, child abuse, self-injury, suicide attempt, suicidal ideation, depression, mental health industry, mild language.

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As soon as I realized my species, stories like this started telling themselves. I stayed up later than I meant to getting it typed out. It's rough and sketchy, but it was cathartic. I'm open to anyone's thoughts.

Trigger warning for poverty and predation. If you're looking for something less depressing, [personal profile] rev_yurodivy wrote an essay that subverts Gnolls.

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I realized today that there might be another reason why I'm uncomfortable with the idea of being a predator. It's because I was taught, growing up, that I was extremely dangerous because of who I was, and if I didn't constantly keep myself in check and deny my appetites I would hurt people I cared about.

Trigger warning for spiritual / sexual abuse.

Growing up male in the purity culture )

Addendum: I realize that someone might point out the parallels between my experience as a carnivore therian and my experiences growing up, and suggest that the one is just a sublimation of the other; a fantasy metaphor made up by my mind for problems that I couldn't handle.

I don't care. Not because I lack curiosity or self-awareness. Because even if I decide that's the case, it doesn't change anything. It doesn't make the species dysphoria go away. And it doesn't change that the problems caused by both of these experiences are real, and need to be dealt with on their own terms.

If I'd told myself not to worry about these "fake" carnivore issues, I would never have worked through them to the point that I realized the parallels with other parts of my life, or that the same solutions can work for both. And at any rate, it's begging the question and assuming causation in order to explain away a vital part of my identity ... sort of like insisting that homosexuality is caused by a bad relationship with your dad.
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I decided to go ahead and make my last entry on this subject public, and you may want to read it first if you haven't already.

Trigger warning for violence and abuse.

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Trigger warning for descriptions of violence, abuse, self-hatred, self-injury, suicidal feelings, and justifications for hurting others.

Anything said in this post which appears to be a death threat is not, and is for catharsis and venting purposes only. I am a vegetarian pacifist. I am not going to kill any actual persons, nor am I singling out anyone for this treatment, and you are mistaken if you think otherwise. You probably didn't read the whole entry, either.

Why some people need to die )

Part of me's scared that I'm looking at this the wrong way. Everyone learns how to justify their existence, even hatemongers and bigots. Some of them are, frankly, wrong. Some of them do not deserve to be supported in what they are doing, and need to change who they are in order to be acceptable persons.

If anyone's read this far, please tell me if I do. I don't want to have gotten this wrong.

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