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(Content note: TERFs, transmisogyny, xenophobia directed at otherkin and other invisible minority groups.)

I wrote, awhile back, about some social justice warriors on Tumblr, who take a break from smashing the kyriarchy to enforce it on minorities they don't like.

Not all people who profess a concern for social justice, or identity as SJWs are like this. The ones who are, though, use a skill that I called "mind-reading," but is really more like "depersonalizing someone by claiming their identity is not genuine and is just an extension of their privilege."

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jewelfox: A portrait of a female anthropomorphic fox, with a pink jewelled pendant and a cute overbite. (Default)
Trigger warning for discussion of sexism, gender roles, transphobia, and experiences that may be hard to sympathize with for a transwoman who has trouble passing as female.

In many transformation stories, there's what some people call a "mirror scene," where the protagonist looks in a mirror and realizes what he or she has become.

I spent a long time imagining and trying to figure out how to word one for my personal character, back in my Sonic fanfiction days. He was a peregrine falcon who'd imprinted on the cat who raised him, and had a ton of species dysphoria; deep down, he didn't see himself as a raptor. And he wouldn't let himself, because he idealized them and felt like he didn't deserve to be one. Realizing that he really was one, and that it was okay to be what he saw in the mirror, was a major breakthrough for him.

At the time, I was a faithful Mormon, and the only lesson I let myself get out of that was that I should be happy being a male human. This was a huge struggle for me at the time, the gender dysphoria especially. It didn't matter how much I told myself that I should be comfortable in my own skin. It never happened.

Until a few days ago, when I tried on gender-appropriate clothing for the first time.

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