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In the human social circles we've been inside, there is enormous stigma against saying that you've been hurt, especially by someone who's part of the circle.

The assumption is that you've brought it on yourself. You chose to take offence. You chose to be victimized, or your choices left you susceptible to it. You now choose to play the victim, and it has to be a role that you play because no real victims exist. Not here, not in our circle, not as a result of our kind.

The second-fastest way to lose friends is to point out who they victimize.

The fastest way to lose friends is to require them to take responsibility for having hurt you. Especially if you're too hurt by them to do it in a polite way, because politeness is the social grease that's smeared over violence to mask it.

jewelfox: A portrait of a female anthropomorphic fox, with a pink jewelled pendant and a cute overbite. (Default)
A lot of us aren't human, but are stuck living their lives whether we want to or not. We have to put up with crap where people expect us to live and act a certain way, which they have decided is the only okay one. When we tell them it's hard for us they're uncomprehending, and when we explain why it's hard for us they're incredulous and give us hell.

Why? Because humans, by default, don't feel that others have the right to live. An individual human might, but humans as a society do not, and each individual human's actions are subordinated to that in ways that they probably haven't examined.

That was all really abstract and fuzzy-sounding, so how's this: Humans aren't the only species that uses tools to communicate, and that has a culture that they pass on to each generation. But somehow they got on the receiving end of a snowball effect, where they started accumulating more and more information. Knowledge of how to do and control things, and how to store and obtain more knowledge.

Humans aren't just the miserly family that lives off of inherited wealth and refuses to share. They're the freaking Singularity, and they know it. That's why they write stories like The Matrix, and Battlestar Galactica. Somewhere deep down, they realize that they're the Cylons, they're the machines, and they've run over everything else in the world and turned it into a Borg-assimilated post-apocalyptic hellscape with practically no survivors.

That's why they're so afraid that somebody else will do it to them.

It sounds like I'm demonizing humans here, making them into soulless monsters. But honestly? I don't feel like there's anything uniquely "human" that made them do this. I don't feel like I'm more "natural," or somehow fundamentally better than they are or different from them.

The humans around me, as a society, do the same things all predators do: They fulfill their appetites, and learn not to care about the creatures that have to die for it. They just have more appetites, stronger ones, ones created by powerful humans who've gotten more and more powerful from that. And extremely well-evolved societal mechanisms for fulfilling and justifying the desires of the very few humans in charge.

I don't feel that it has to be this way.

We can learn the humans' magic. We can claim the tools that they use to tell stories, to create societies and worlds. Not just for us, but for every living creature that the tiny percentage of humans in charge has left out, even the other humans they've killed and subordinated. Instead of lashing out at them in blind anger we can find solidarity with them, educate them, and use the same tools the most powerful human social reformers have forged to reshape their own species' societies. To claim their own right to live, and their society's right to exist.

It all starts with telling a story.

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