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Over the past week or so, our sleep schedule's been shot to pieces thanks to factors beyond our control. In addition to that, we've had to deal with a few stressful things. This has left us especially fragile and moody, and feeling that strange combination of "I should be able to do this" plus "why am I having a breakdown?" that apparently comes with mental illness.

In between things like this, we managed to get a few things done.

  1. We've started on [personal profile] citrakayah's story, and have written a few hundred words for it. It's very unorthodox and requires a bit of debugging, but I am excited about the experiment.

  2. We're starting to write a few articles again, about a dozen a month at a reduced rate. The Major News Site no longer lets us write for them, but we're getting a surprisingly decent bonus this month for not having gotten anything published recently. We're going to apply to another site soon.

  3. We're still working on learning to write apps, but since it's the thing with the longest-term payoff we keep postponing it.

Besides that, we're trying to revise the [community profile] fursonarpg. After working with players and noting their confusion, at our adaptation of Pathfinder's rules, we're trying to change things around a lot to remove unneeded complexity. Discussion of specific ways under the cut.

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The ideal we're shooting for is that your character sheet will be a single page that's mostly an illustration, sort of like a Magic card, with a handful of easy-to-scan stats and special abilities which spell out exactly what they do in simple language. Spellcasters might need the back of the sheet as well, but still. The rules themselves should also be modular and easy to comprehend.

That's all, I guess.

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In part 1, I summarized how I feel about human society and what they've done to the rest of the world. Now I'm going to go over different human-created technologies, and ways we can use them to tell our own stories and create our own worlds. I feel that this is a way we can both help otherkin and other marginalized people, as well as attack the most powerful humans directly.

So here's a breakdown of what's involved in creating the experience of becoming one's fursona or true self, and how hard each step might be to implement.

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Sorry for the drowsy rambling. We sort of had to work this out for ourselves. We're open to suggestions, offers of assistance, and anything else anyone would like to add.

Edit: Oh wow you guys look at this It's an open-source tech demo for playing a Minecraft-style game in your browser. There are other things like it out there. Just imagine what could be done with this, like for creating scenes you could RP in or games and stuff. Virtual legos don't need to be able to run Tekkit, they just need to let you build things!
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Posted on because the cross-posting's messed up a bit. Let me know what you think, maybe? It's also a transformation story, in between being (hopefully) easy-to-learn RPG rules.
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I think the treatment of Animals in [Prince Caspian] is just going to be one of those Your Mileage May Vary things.

I, personally, do not like it. I don't like it because it seems to indicate that form dictates behavior and personality in a way that I'm not at all comfortable with because of the various implications contained therein for Otherkin and Transgendered peoples. I don't like it because I have a good deal of experience with animals in my personal life and I see a tremendous variety in personality within the same species, and even within the same genetic family. I don't like it because the variety displayed among the Pevensie children and the Caspian family, combined with the non-variety displayed within an animal species, normalizes "Human Being" as complex-and-varied and pigeonholes Animals as stereotypes, and that reminds me uncomfortably of the normalization of White, Straight, and Male in our society.

-- Ana Mardoll, Narnia: The Privilege of Omniscience
I just picked up the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide a couple days ago. And I've noticed that d20 stats basically codify racism. When Dwarves get "-2 Charisma," for example, that's relative to a human. Humans are the exact baseline, and are "perhaps the most versatile" and blah blah blah. Which is basically the human authors' way of saying "We're privileged to be able to regard our experiences as normative."

So the question is, are the humans in our Pathfinder setting like that? They're protagonists, but they're not the protagonists. And while they see themselves as normative, everyone else doesn't. How do we portray them, both in terms of lore and in terms of game stats? This is sort of part brainstorming, part describing, so just let me know what your thoughts are on whatever interests you. Also let me know if I got something wrong; I'm very much an amateur at this.

Also also, check out this pic that [personal profile] aliaspseudonym did of a human adventurer.

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