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That’s what we did, last month. >_>b

A photo of Jewelfox's side table, with an assortment of mostly-homemade board game supplies on it.

We used the downloadable quickstart rules on the BattleTech website, printed them out, and then used a glue stick (which was like $1.50 for a package of four) to put the maps and the counters on cardboard backing before cutting them out.

The mech data sheets we put into plastic sleeve protectors, so we could mark off damage boxes with a dry-erase marker. We did the same with the cut-out quick reference cards, and the rules themselves, to add durability. Finally, for the counters’ bases we’re using the Pathfinder pawn bases that came in the Beginner Box set (and are also sold separately, like $5 for 20).

We haven’t had a chance to play the board game yet, but at Free RPG Day we got a glossy, high-quality booklet (the red thing in the picture) which has quickstart rules for both BattleTech and Shadowrun … and unlike the one they had last year, actually had playable female characters. There were no character creation rules, but we and [personal profile] rev_yurodivy were able to pick up the game pretty fast and play a whole premade adventure together while there at the store.

Best of all, everything fits inside the Pathfinder box with our other books, so it’s easy to store in our tiny den. Except for the game board, which we just shelved in between other boxes.

Now we can actually play the game without buying expensive rulebooks, at least for the time being. >_>;

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