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Dreamwidth's support team got back to me about the speciesist language issue. They have decided that it will be resolved by a Trial of Grievance. Using battlemechs.

RVN-3L Raven

Unfortunately, my personal Dire Wolf is still painted in spring pastels after yesterday. This was great camouflage at the time (I managed to get all the eggs hidden), but they've chosen Antarctica as their battlefield and I don't think it'll help much there.

Antarctica - Gerlache strait

Does anyone have like 50 litres of arctic blue paint they can send before next Friday? Failing that, does anyone have a 100 tonne assault 'mech they could take down there instead? I haven't found any penguins willing to take over for me.

Claire and Taryn do not advocate using battlemechs to resolve issues with other people. If they did, though, and if you were going to do so in Antarctica, they'd recommend that you swap out your heatsinks for extended range large lasers.

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