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I've been watching the "Heroes of Awesome" play D&D. In this episode, they're camping out in the forest and are being circled by wolves.

Click here if you can't see the speciesist title card.

In previous episodes, the players (a guy, a girl, and two women) completely lacked agency or the ability to advance the plot in any way, save by kissing up to or accepting missions from NPC authority figures. And rolling a d20 over and over again until their roll doesn't suck. In this episode, we're apparently finding out that wolves like to eat elven and human adventurers who are encircling a campfire.

As soon as they realized the threat they were facing, the Chaotic-Neutral-ish Rogue asked if she ought to climb a tree. Everyone was like "NO" even though this is, of course, the most sensible thing to do.

Also, just as a minor nitpick, literally everyone at the table forgot that Eladrin don't sleep, and are aware of their surroundings during "trance." Which became relevant when the people on night watch started rolling Perception.

Can the wolves possibly survive their encounter with heavily-armed adventurers?! Maybe we'll keep watching and let you all know. >_>; I have to say, though, these campaign videos are really making me appreciate Fate and Dungeon World.


We actually DMed an encounter with wolves, once, in D&D 4e, the same system these people are using. A Revenant (sapient zombie) player character woke up from death to find one chewing on her foot.

The wolves freaked out when the "carrion" fought back. Then she and another player character (who happened to show up just then) started dealing damage to them and doing flashy spellcasting-type stuff, and they bolted back into the woods.

No one was killed on either side (although one of the people involved was already dead).

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Our sleep schedule's starting to recover, though, and we're getting used to the idea of living in a remote high-tech wilderness.

So, here's what we're working on:

  • [community profile] capsulerp. Seriously you guys. Also the Time Fridge campaign.

  • Selling all our old D&D 4e stuff, because in hindsight it's very fiddly and technical and there is no one who has time for that.

  • Brainstorming an 18+ RPG that uses Dungeon World's rules, to help players explore sexual interests in a safe environment. I think I'll call it "Dungeon World."

We haven't forgotten about the Hate Plus fanfic, but having to actually play through the game again has been stressful. -_-

Probably the highlight of last week was watching Mari from Geek Remix stream a pacifist run of Undertale. It is the best RPG. On the down side, we cried for like a half hour straight afterwards, and I can't tell if that was a bad thing or a good thing. Maybe we ought to cry more instead of repressing all our anxieties. >_>; This is a thing, right? It's okay for girls to do this, right?

Anyway, I hope Yule all survive the tinselbombs and blinding lights of the War on Christmas season. Take care, everyone ~

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From the product page:

The Chosen Visitor is a Dungeon World class for people from present-day Earth who’ve been sucked into a fantasy world. It draws inspiration on an entire genre of fantasy literature, exemplified by works like Poul Anderson’s Three Hearts and Three Lions, as well as anime like Magic Knight Rayearth.

The cover art depicts a nervous, glasses-wearing anime schoolgirl with blue hair, against a blue gradient background.

Glasses and school uniform optional.

Don't let the schoolgirl on the cover fool you -- this is actually a comprehensive treatment of the "person from earth ends up in fantasy world" trope, and lets you play characters much more diverse than Kagome from Inuyasha! It falls short on the actual execution in several ways, though.

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The Chosen Visitor - A Dungeon World Playbook is licensed CC-By-SA.

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For an update on the state of the game that [personal profile] jewelfox is preparing, please see our next-latest-entry.

I don't have the energy to look up citations right now. But I feel like the history of tabletop games is largely the history of diverse, fannish groups adopting games that catch on because they are "good enough" for the time. And then watching as the next 30-40 years see the people who made these games get a lot of unearned power and capital, until they are dictating the shape of their hobbies to everyone else.

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Check out these miniatures!

A photo of Companion Cube, Turret, and test subject miniatures made of low-quality plastic, as used in the Portal board game. Cardboard counters of GLaDOS, a blue portal, and a test chamber are also present.

Photo (c) Vox Media, used without permission.

You can see more photos and read the full writeup on Polygon. I'm just thinking of all the uses for Portal minis now:

  • Give one of our Shas'uis a portal gun

  • Make the companion cube an objective marker

  • Surprise RPG players by changing the "dungeon" into a test chamber

Just imagine teaching someone to play Fate, Dungeon World, or Pathfinder by throwing their character into the Enrichment Centre. ^^ Or using the slices of cake (not pictured above) as victory points in 40k or another game.

... did I mention I am apparently good at impersonating GLaDOS?

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If we decided to run an actual RP here on Dreamwidth, using Fate, Dungeon World, or another easy-to-learn / free online RPG system, would anyone be interested in joining up and posting a few times a week?

Here are the game ideas we're toying with:

  • Capsule Contingency (Sci-fi | Powered by Fate): You wake up in a wrecked stasis pod in some kind of alien facility, in a body which may or may not resemble your own and has softly glowing circuitry just beneath the skin. What are you, where are you, and can you escape before that skittering noise catches up to you?

  • Fey Forest (Fantasy | Dungeon World): A small group of travelers takes shelter from the rain, next to an ancient stone monolith. But as the rain begins to clear, and moonlight filters through silhouetted branches, the runes on the monolith glow. And the forest around you looks different ...

Either one can be run as a one-shot just to see how the system (and Dreamwidth play-by-post RP) work out, or can develop into a longer campaign. Anyone who is interested does not need to be familiar with either rules system, or any other RPGs we're GMed, but does need to be able to post at least a few times per week.

Let us know if there's any interest, and if we should develop either idea.

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I've been kind of uncomfortable with Pathfinder and D&D both for different reasons, and started looking for another role-playing game that has the rules for free online and lets you write your own stuff for it.

So far I've found two that look promising: Dungeon World and 13th Age. You can find their respective SRDs, or free online rules documents, here and here.

Both are strongly inspired by Pathfinder and D&D, with stock fantasy adventuring tropes and more or less stock fantasy character options. But the authors went in two different directions with them ... especially with regard to how accessible their games are to newbies. Whether those newbs are players, or fan / professional authors.

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