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The game store we played D&D Encounters at is feeling a little less welcoming lately. The owners are friendly, and went to a pride parade in New York and used to give us rides home so we didn't have to walk back for an hour and a half. But they've also got Chick-Fil-A as one of their sponsors for an upcoming fundraiser event.

We wrote them to just mention how we weren't sure we'd feel comfortable being reminded of what it was like, seeing the crowds in front of that restaurant on "show the gays you hate them day 2012" before going to play D&D at their store. But they kind of blew us off in several long-winded paragraphs.

We're considering buying our RPG books at Barnes and Noble now, and spending time at a different game store that's more convenient to get to and that one of our (few) local friends goes to. It helps that it's near the bus station. We'd have to stop going to Encounters ... but our apprehension about spending an hour and a half walking back since the buses don't run that late has kind of done that for us already.

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A few days ago, it was revealed that the CEO of an American fast-food restaurant called Chik-Fil-A had donated money to a hate group that was spreading lies about homosexuals, such as that they are pedophiles. A number of people called for a boycott. In response, some American religious leaders called for today, August 1, to be "Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day," where you should eat out at the restaurant to show your support for the CEO's opposition to marriage equality (the fact that he donated money to a hate group was conveniently ignored).

I was in a good mood today when rev_yurodivy and I went out to the mall, to stop for dinner before attending our weekly D&D Encounters game. But when I saw the huge crowd at the Chik-Fil-A just behind us, my heart sank and hasn't recovered yet. Because I feel like every one of them was waving a sign that said "Go home, lesbo tranny. We don't want you here."

Naturally, none of the people there hate me. They love me with Christlike love, and want me to find true happiness and peace. They just don't want
  • Churches other than theirs, which believe in marriage equality, to be legally allowed to solemnize same-gender marriages.
  • Same-gender couples to be able to kiss, hold hands, or otherwise show affection for each other, on TV or in their sight.
  • Same-gender couples to be able to marry, have children, visit their spouses in the hospital, or really exist at all, period.

I'm shaking with fear right now. I'm not used to being faced with the fact that my right to exist is considered a controversy, a thing to argue in abstract, an issue like the economy to be debated by talking heads. And when people yell at me, or bully me, or talk about how everyone like me ought to be shot or rounded up into camps or slapped stupid by our dads, it's always somebody else's fault ... never the fault of the suburban moms who shop at Chik-Fil-A. Becaue they don't hate me, they just don't want me to exist anywhere near them or their kids. 5 percent of whom are LGBT, and will grow up knowing they're not allowed to exist, either.

I don't like having to live in this country, and I wish I could just leave like they want me to. Failing that, I wish I could die.

As an aside, it is also my brother's birthday today. My brother, who is so freaked out of me that when I asked a mutual friend to contact him for me (since he had blocked me on everything) he exploded about how "you don't know how he's changed" and subsequently dropped off the face of the Internet.

It hurts.

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