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Remember the mech on the cover of the Tau codex? We got a boxed set of three of them several months ago, and have finally managed to assemble our first one!

A gray plastic model of a mecha, about 10 centimetres tall, standing on top of a six-sided dice cube.

"Oh, I'm sorry ... is the camera already on?"

I love how the tiny head and the little folded-back antennae make XV8s look. Isn't it cute? Sort of like the Games Workshop dice cube and all the little d6es in it are. ^^;

Anyway, we still need to assemble the other two, clean and trim all the weapons and support systems, then prime All The Things for painting and magnetize them so we can swap out the add-on gear.

There's a lot of other stuff that's been going on that we wanted to write about, but we just thought we would post this first. ^^; We also modified our sidebar text, uploaded our CSS tweaks to Microsoft's code-hosting site, and have been trying to figure out a perplexing mobile layout bug in our website's theme.

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Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Edit: N/M, for some reason my email subscriptions got turned off even though I haven't been anywhere near that page in awhile. -_-; Time to go through my inbox ...

Edit 2: N/M the N/M, I misread the settings page. >_< I guess that I'm just not getting DW emails. Maybe I can link my DW account to a different email provider ... or just check my inbox more often.

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And now that we're feeling a little better, aside from having ground our teeth all last night ...

I think what's more egregious than the fact that my parents of origin stalked my blog, said absolutely nothing for possibly years, and did nothing to make up for the damage they'd caused or otherwise intervene in my life until finally doing so in the most ham-handed and destructive way possible the other day ...

Is the fact that they didn't just call a suicide hotline to have the police intervene, but that they did it three times in a row. In the same day.

Thank goddess [personal profile] rev_yurodivy deflected them, for most of the times after the first. At least one of which was while I was trying to sleep.

I have to ask (rhetorically, since I don't actually want to talk to them), wtf prompted them to do that? I mean, I know they did it the first time because they have no empathy and no comprehension of the damage they've done to me, and so instead of actually addressing the issues I've brought up (to them directly and here on DW) they've tried to use blunt force methods to "fix" me. Like this, and like the time one of my brothers bullied me until I snapped and attacked my hoarder mom's innocent cardboard boxes, and her response was to get me Mormon therapy so I would learn to live with his bullying.

(Which, the therapist and I actually ended up discussing ways to get me to stop touching myself instead, and he's the one who asked me to describe my sexual fantasies to him in detail. Thankfully, I declined.)

But the second and third times? Seriously?

What even gave them any indication that I was in danger, those times? Was it that I deleted my Dreamwidth? The message I left there was "Dreamwidth is no longer safe," which I wrote because at the time I thought someone I trusted here had done this to me. How does leaving an unsafe situation somehow equal self-destructive behaviour?

Oh wait. These are Mormons we're talking about. Never mind! Mystery solved, carry on folks.

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And not only is it still unnecessarily complicated, but the WordPress app for Windows Phone has ceased to exist. You can redownload it if you do a web search and find the actual page, but it doesn't show up in Store search, no longer mentions it in their "mobile app" section, and its former home page has been set to "private."

A couple people have asked what's going on, in the WordPress forums, but they either went unanswered or had someone basically tell them "lol you get what you pay for." And disavow all responsibility for it because it's open-source. Or something. Which doesn't make any sense.

I'd say Dreamwidth's looking better than ever right now. And if [personal profile] darael comes up with a decent API for the thing, like they've been talking about, that'll make the whole "Dreamwidth Windows Phone app" thing I've had in mind even better. Especially since the current API apparently doesn't support OAuth, meaning your app has to store people's passwords locally. -_-

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So apparently I was finally able to access the WordPress install [personal profile] burning_ground set up on her shared web hosting, and spent awhile poking at it today (well, yesterday, but you know what I mean). I'm not sure I actually want to go with WordPress, though ... Dreamwidth just seems to work for us, in a lot of ways.

Speaking of Dreamwidth, we've updated the colour scheme on our journal to be more readable (and more pink). We're also asking some questions over on [community profile] style_system if anyone wants to help answer them.

Incidentally, you can use SkyDrive to make surveys. Click here to take our extremely random test survey!

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Yuro brought home a loaf of banana bread when they came back from visiting family of origin over Christmas. We ate a slice a few days ago, and immediately came down with traveler's sickness. >_o Ever since we've felt nauseous, especially in the evenings.

We're trying to take probiotics to help. In the meantime, we're still feeling kind of overwhelmed and having a hard time finding the time to check on Dreamwidth. We try to invest a lot of ourself in reading, writing, and replying, since the people here are important to us. So we paradoxically end up just setting it aside when we don't feel like we have the spoons to manage.

On top of that, it's a lot quicker to get feedback on something if we share it on Skype, partly because we suspect everyone else doesn't check here all that often either.

One thing I think might help in breaking that habit is setting up email posting, especially on our phone. We also still have a dream of writing a Windows Phone app. A few months in, we still love our Lumia 520 -- they're currently $59 on the Microsoft Store, with no contract, and make excellent MP3 players and portable game consoles. Especially with all the exclusive games.

(I think part of the reason we're gushing about them is to make up for telling people to buy Android stuff when it gave us so many problems, and caused frustrations which made living with disability worse.)

Anyway, um ... yeah. We're not ignoring you all, sorry. >_>

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I've finished restoring (I think) every essay and entry I locked during our recent meltdown.

Besides doing that, I also gave them an !essay or !story tag every time I thought I'd said something of substance that was worth going back to later. These may not work as well as WordPress-style categories, but they will make it easier to find things, since the Tags page puts them up at the top of the alphabetical order and lists their subtags (like "!story: furry" and "!essay: religion") along with them.

Check it out!

Now I just need to un-break this experimental theme.

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Personal websites go down a lot, when they're run by nonexperts and put on shared hosting. WordPress sites can have their security compromised, can go down when something goes wrong with your hosting plan, or can tank when you install the wrong plugin. They're spam magnets, and they have no built-in archival feature in case something goes wrong.

It's telling that the company behind WordPress, Automattic, offers spam protection and offsite backup as perhaps its two biggest businesses. It's also telling that WordPress' biggest fans seem to be expert designers / developers, who WordPress for a living and often have to hang around to maintain the sites that they built.

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ basically fix the problems with having your own website. They just introduce a ton of new ones into the mix, and the reasons they've gotten so big are only partly because "they make it easy to share things." It's mostly because they're closed off from the rest of the web and rely heavily on network effects -- meaning, they're only useful if everyone's using them.

Somewhere in between are "blogs" like, Blogger, and Dreamwidth. They take care of the fiddly bits of maintaining your online identity, but they also play nicely with other services. You can follow people, leave comments, and "like" or "favourite" things, all without needing an account. It's just not clear how, sometimes, if you aren't tech savvy already.

Dreamwidth offers full HTML and CSS theming, supports Markdown, has extremely fine-grained privacy settings, and has no ads. Aside from learning how styles work, I've never had technical trouble with it, and it's never gone down on me. I think I'm going to restore this journal and try to turn it into a personal site. I just need to get up the energy to do that in between picking up the pieces of everything in our life that has fallen apart in the last year or so.

I'm physically unhealthy. My personal data's a mess; photos, notes, to-dos, everything is disorganized, from the apps that I use to the data I'm sorting. I have very few "spoons," and have been spending most of my day in a haze of trying not to think about anything, or beating myself up for being inadequate.

I'm trying to wake up again.

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  1. It has moderated membership and post submissions, unlike its larger sibling [community profile] otherkin.

  2. It has a fraction of the members of [community profile] otherkin, and last updated 5 weeks ago compared to 1 week ago.

  3. It now has only one admin. Two, if you count me and Taryn.

This last one came as a surprise to us, because we weren't even on [community profile] otherkin_haven's admin list 15 minutes ago (and the person who was has just vanished).

What should we do with Dreamwidth's other otherkin comm? Does anyone feel it'd be better for them to moderate it?

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Content note: Poverty, religious extremism, survivalism, guilt, and suicidal depression.

This essay by John Scalzi on what being poor is like was extremely painful to read, as was Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed.

I think it's partly that my family of origin was usually lower-middle-class, and partly that I sold almost everything nice I owned in a very short period of time because I had been guilted so much about not having a job and I honestly believed that I needed to make money somehow and it was my fault if I couldn't.

I think that was around when I almost killed myself.

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