Date: 2017-06-10 12:10 pm (UTC)
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I don't know much about online sex education beyond my own information. However, I'd imagine that despite being one of the better venues for this sort of education, games would seriously lag behind other media, because they are complex and often co-operative to make. You'd need not just a few people who knew how to make games and wanted to make something realistic about sex, but those people to be comfortable talking to each other about sex.

I was rather ambiguous, but what I meant to say was that I think there were probably a number of older people who saw kids doing these videos and didn't realise that there was anything harmful going on. From which I extrapolated that greater knowledge about kinks wouldn't have be enough for most of these kids to recognise that they're being exploited.

I suppose that YouTube is the group best placed to prevent this sort of widespread subtle abuse. They could certainly do more to this end, like institute mandatory safety quizzes for users who have a channel. However, that's a lot of choices about danger and censorship to leave in their hands.

Re supervision:
Manual supervision of childrens' internet use is impractical and a major invasion of privacy. I do think that guardians should know the main risks of interacting online and keep track of what sort of sites children use (through talking to them), so they can make sure the kids know about relevant risks and correct any major misapprehensions.

Not sure how that works wrt harmful, controlling, or abusive parents.
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