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So, our actual gender doesn't match our birth gender. Sometimes we talk about it. Sometimes we get put through hell for it, or have to deal with people who wilfully misunderstand a thing we explain very clearly. ^^; But mostly it's been okay!

Some people apparently fetishize it? More power to them, so long as they keep it in their pants when they are around us. And maybe spend some time listening to us, so that they know which of their fictional portrayals are hurtful (or just ridiculous) and how they can be more inclusive. It's not like trans folk don't look up porn, too.

Anyway, it's been an adventure! I've gotten to compare and contrast two very different ways of looking at the world, and I've found other cool people who have a similar perspective. Goodbye to Halos is my favourite webcomic now, and its creator's Twitter musings have helped us see how all different kinds of people are worth portraying as cute and/or awesome in media. And how maybe being trans is a thing to be proud of, and to be glad that I am.

I mean, aside from when I stretch my arms up over my head and notice how soft they are. So soft ~

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