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So I'm on vacation in Calgary with [ profile] alias-pseudonym for all of next week, and at one of the smaller games stores we found a set of Frostgrave treasure tokens! These represent the valuables which the players must try to recover.

We picked up some paints, brushes, and non-spray primer, and these are the results so far:

Paints and Frostgrave treasure tokens, on a coffee table at Alias' house. The paints are Formula P3, with mixing medium and Citadel Imperial Primer; the brushes are a P3 Fine Hobby brush and an Army Painter Basecoating brush; and the tokens are finely-detailed resin discs, which depict cobblestone streets with tiny valuables on top, like a pile of gold coins or a book. They are partially painted, but lack depth or detail.

The paints used are almost all from the Iron Kingdoms set for Formula P3. I achieved the blue-grey rock colour by mixing a tiny bit of Thamar Black into Frostbite. Also, that's dry spaghetti I'm using to mix the paints in an improvised wet palette! (I made it out of the plastic blister pack and a piece of parchment paper.) I use two pieces at a time so that they don't snap off inside the jar.

So that's the story of how I went to Canada, and my partner gave me Frostbite. \ ^^ /

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